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Edwige's Cartography Notebook

Always safely tucked away in her pocket, Edwige carries her notebook everywhere she goes. It is filled it little squibbles and doodles of her surroundings. She often uses it as a reference when drawing a new map, whether it be for extra details or easter eggs. But it is not uncommon to find a recipe here and there that she picked up during her travels.  
Property of Edwige Pennsworth. If you steal this, I'll bite you!
— The first page of Edwige's Cartography Notebook

Magical Doodleland

Every graduate from the Wanderers School of Cartography receives a notebook as a graduation present. These magical notebook have an infinite number of pages, so there is always room to make notes while travelling. Most people in possession of such notebook use it solely for cartography purposes. There are a few who use it to obtain all recipes in the world, or make notes on the animals or plants they encounter.   In Edwige's case, its primarily a book of everything. She has added some structure to it, separating her cartography notes and other notes. However, she also uses the notebook a lot for making doodles during her travels. Since she gets bored easily, it gives her something to take her mind of things. That's why she sometimes refers to her notebook as Magical Doodleland. She has spent many hours in this place.  
Hello. We believe that Edwige is still alive and has her notebook on her. However, in the event that she were to pass through the Veil and someone were to find her notebook, we would appreciate it very much if it were to be returned to us. It would be the only token we have left of her. We thank you for your consideration.
— A letter from Edwige's Family to the Wanders School of Cartography
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