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Edwige Pennsworth

Roaming the eternal plains and mountains of this world, there is only one goal: draw maps. Accompanied by her trusty friend La-de-Da-de the Tartoise, Edwige travels far and wide to draw maps of every region and town she visits. No matter how small she may be, she always finds a way to get a good view and to make most of her travels.  
C'mon La-de-Da-de, we've got more maps to draw!
— Edwige Pennsworth

Chaotic Cartographer

Anyone who comes across Edwige always notices two things. She has a most beautiful green scarf made of a material no one knows about, and she is absolutely nuts. No challenge is too big for this tiny halfling and her equally tiny friend.   Growing up, Edwige always had a passion for drawing. Her bubbly and chaotic personality always made its way to the paper. Whether that be in the tiny details of her drawing, or in the materials she used to create it. Edwige always found a way to put an interesting spin on her work. It has become a staple in her career as a cartographer that manifested itself from this young age. However, she never would have thought that she would become a cartographer and use her skills to help others in this way.   During her teenage years, the halfling discovered camping. Setting up a little tent somewhere in the middle of the woods or the mountains and just absorbing the view. As the number of trips through the outdoors multiplied at a speedy rate, she began to take her drawing equipment with her to take a reminder home with her.  
A few trips later, Edwige made a map as she was in a region she wasn't familiar with, so she knew how to get home. It was her first toe dip into cartography and she fell in love with it head over heels. Being able to travel the world, making maps, and see all the wonders it has to offer struck a chord with Edwige. As soon as she was old enough, she attended the Wanderers School of Cartography.   Four years later, with a certificate in hand, Edwige set out into the world. Her first work as a professional, but apprentice, cartographer was the map of Eshil. She went on to draw many more maps, some of which have been discovered and others still need to be found.
Let the chaos commence!
— Edwige Pennsworth
Table of Contents
Current Status
Mapping Hesli
Current Residence
Her tiny (tree)tent
Jolly hazel brown
Short and slightly spiked brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
95cm (3'1")
20kg (44lbs)
La-de-Da-de, the Tartoise

Trusty Companion

During her travels, Edwige tripped over a rock only once. Except that it wasn't a rock, but a baby Tartoise. When she noticed the little fella move, she couldn't leave him to his fate. Edwige tried to find the parents of the baby to no avail. She sat him on the ground and walked away, but the tartoise followed her to all his might.  
Well, then you'll just have to come with me! I'll name you...
All right, La-de-Da-de it is!
— Edwige Pennsworth and her new tartoise

Cover image: Hesli Banner by ShadowPhoenix
Character Portrait image: Edwige Pennsworth Portrait by Awsm Chimera


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Jul 29, 2022 02:55

Aw, lovely stuff, ShadowPhoenix. Even as short as this article is I felt like you've given me a solid grasp on Edwige's personality. Thank you very much for letting me draw her and especially for giving her that Tartoise.  

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This is super sweet! And the quotes and Chimera's art complement her story really well.