Spinning Stroids

Forest jelly stars

Plentiful, beautiful, and mysterious, spinning stroids live relatively peaceful and unusual existences within the streams intertwining the Enviem Forest. Due to the heightened protection the forest has under the Ministry's ordinance, stroids are also well protected. Since the Enviem forest is regarded reverently, the same is for the only species that exists within the forest.


Ominous or Auspicious?

Entities eventually created omens surrounding the behavior of spinning stroids around trees that end up as newly born entities.   If numerous stroids have been feeding on a tree or cluster of trees and an entity is born shortly after, this means that the entity is blessed by Motherbjorn and that they will do great things.   If no stroids are present on a tree or cluster of trees when an entity is born, this means that the entity is not blessed and will not be expected to serve with important purposes.   If dead stroids are found on a tree or cluster of trees when an entity is born, this means that the entity should be treated with caution and is expected to cause harm.

Basic Information


Stroids are barnacle looking star jellies, with ten flexible arms and a semi-transparent bell at its center. Little spine hooks line the underside of its arms, used to attach securely onto hard surfaces. The arms and the bell can rotate independently, which allows the stroids to gain momentum in order to spin. Stroids can spin fast enough for it to lift off of whatever surface they are on, hovering through the air and traveling short distances.   Small sacs filled with a yellowish lubricant are nestled underneath the bell, secreting a slick slime whenever the stroid is outside of water to keep it from dehydrating. At night, these sacs also glow due to their bioluminescent properties.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It is deducted that stroids feed off of the constant flow of energy from the Bihnayri trees that make up the whole forest. They do this by attaching to parts of the tree, such as the roots that may extend out into the small streams, or higher onto the trunk by spinning upwards till it reaches a desired height.

by Hans Hillewaert


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "Describe a species in your world associated with good or bad luck."

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