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A sacred symbol of the beloved Motherbjorn

To come across such an exquisite artifact of nature reveals such splendor...such mystery...   It can only be a miracle from Mother, as if to show us she is here with us.
— A faithful follower of Motherbjorn
  The Periferah is an extremely rare lotus flower that is especially cherished and protected by those who worship the deity Motherbjorn. It is viewed as a miracle plant, due to an ancient myth claiming that this flower first bloomed from the surface of Energaia. To have a living thing arise from the depths of an ocean known to bring death is seen as an impossible phenomenon. Thus, the Periferah came to be a symbol of Motherbjorn's grace and hope to all life amidst the prospect of eventual mortality.  

Treatment and Misuses

  The general populous of Navi-PC treats this plant with honor and respect, marveling at it while leaving the plant be at peace in its original environment. Some however feel more entitled than others and attempt to cultivate the flowers for ornamental purposes. Others have shown naivety in the form of ingesting the flower in an attempt to gain a connection or insight from Mother. Those that partook in eating or drinking tea made with the flower ended up with hallucinations they could not bear, a mental illness later dubbed Mother's Mercy. This discovery has encouraged some to sell the flower as a drug to those susceptible or gullible enough to believe it will bring them closer to Mother.

Basic Information


Roots of this plant anchor in soil at the bottom of any body of water and can stretch out incredibly far when needed. Its sturdy stalk can rise a couple feet, with leaves usually floating on the water's surface or somewhat raised. A single flower with glowing petals can be found at the end of the thick stem.

Ecology and Habitats

Perifera are found only on the surfaces of bodies of water, mostly in the wild islands of Keio and sometimes within the Enviem Forest .  
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Those worthy of entering the Temple of the Oracle has found the flower to grow in the highest concentration within the water pools found in her abode.
Picking Perifera
1000+ ultra cycles

Rites of the Oracle

It's rumored that the Oracle is the only entity capable of drinking tea made from the flowers of the Periferah in order to enhance her connection to Mother.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about an important plant in your world and what it is used for."

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