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Circuited Auto-Route Transmitter

Can you imagine how long it would take to get to the city without a CART? Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted...
  CARTs are linked self-propelled cabin units used to carry cargo and passengers on the Hertz Transit System. The standard CART is eight units long, large enough to fit a hefty number of entities or cargo while safely transporting at high speeds. CARTs provide the convenience for The System to run efficiently.  

Look and Feel

  Exterior cabin designs are different to denote passenger or data classes. The interior of passenger CARTs also looks vastly different depending on the type of Ciers it caters to. Higher class Plurel Ciers utilize the less crowded cabins, enjoying much more luxurious amenities. Cabins frequented by class Singul Ciers are usually decorated in graffiti and are poorly maintained.

Power Generation

CARTs are dependent on the power from the light circuit paths it drives on. However, if the light circuit path becomes shut down for any reason, units have a battery reserve to keep communication systems alive.

Communication Tools & Systems

An announcement system feeds transmissions from all docking stations, sharing any news to passengers that would affect their travels.


Every door is equipped with access level sensors to make sure appropriate entities can enter a cabin unit.

Various CART Classes

  There are various classifications of CARTs depending on what it is intended to carry.  
Bulk civilian carrier for transport across continents
Smaller civilian carrier for transport within the city of Nexus
Bulk data carrier for transport across continents
Smaller data carrier for transport from The Cache to The Function

A Mini Version

  Single units of a CART, more known as a BUS, are also utilized for use within urban streets areas within Memree and Nexus.
Up to 400 MHz per hour

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Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a commonly used vehicle in your world and who it's used by."

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