Towncryer's Uniform

"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day one! Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day two! Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day three! Still standing!"
— The Towncryer's Blazing Hope
First Verse
The Towncryer's Guild provides Towncryers with their work uniform; the Towncryer's Coat and Hat. The uniform is tailored to fit the towncryer and has the same style and design, which is the same as what the Towncryer of Emberfall, Bramdar Ashborn, had worn during the Siege of Emberfall.   Whether it shines, rains or snows, it is each Towncryer's duty and honour to wear the coat and hat at all times while they're working. The cost of any damages is now covered by the guild, while historically the towncryers had to pay. Repairs are then made locally, or the towncryer may request replacements.  


As the uniform is provided by the Towncryer's Guild, the coat and hat are delivered to the Towncryer as they are made within the Atharian Towncryer's Guildhouse located in Emberfall. This is because the guildhouse uses Magic Dye to brighten the colours.   The cost of tailoring the hat and coat mostly goes towards the purchasing of the Magic Dye. The average price for these dyes is roughly 20GC a bottle, which the guild purchases directly from the College of Wonders. Each towncryer is also given the funds necessary to purchase the rest of their gear locally, including the bell.
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day one-hundred!
Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day two-hundred!
Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day three-hundred!
Still standing!"
— The Towncryer's Blazing Hope
Second Verse

The Uniform

The Coat

The coat is made of blue and crimson magically dyed linen, patched together in a diamond checkered pattern. The hem, collar and beltline are made of yellow dyed fur. Across the shoulders is a thick leather padding, fastened with brass buttons.   The colours are magically enhanced by the College of Wonders, which helps to improve their saturation. Some say the dyes can often shimmer, especially during the low sun hours of dawn.

The Hat

The material used for the hat is slightly hardened leather plastered with crimson linen. The hat is like a tricorne, however, only one brim curled up and the crown is cylindrical rather than domed. The headband is a leather belt with steel buckles wrapped around the crown. The hat is then decorated with a large feather, which is attached by the stem slotted between the headband the crown.  

Other Pieces

Towncryers may wear anything underneath the coat. Most towncryers just wear a tunic with a waistcoat, others just a smart buttoned shirt. Other accessories are also allowed. Gloves are a popular addition for both warmth and hygiene. It all depends on the local fashion and the weather. The key part of the uniform is the hat and coat.

The Bell

A Towncryer is incomplete without their bell. As well as the scrolls which the towncryer reads from it is the bell which the towncryer needs to do their job. Citizens are wise to pay attention when the bell rings, as the towncryer updates them with the latest goings-on; such as trade prices, new laws and calls for curfew.   A bell can be handheld, which is prefered by many towncryers, however, a bell can also be mounted on a post. By law, only the Towncryer can ring this bell, unless the ringer has permission to do so. The punishment for breaking this law is one week in the dungeon.


"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day one-thousand!
Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day two-thousand!
Still standing!"
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Emberfall survives! Day three-thousand!
Still standing!"
— The Towncryer's Blazing Hope
Third Verse
Before the Dominion's Conquest every Towncryer was independent, as there was no guild. Towncryers had very little support and were nicknamed Shouters, an offensive name to all towncryers even today. As there was no guild, towncryers had to provide their own uniform.   A Towncryer's uniform back then mostly consisted of a Tabard of the local settlements Coat of Arms over Gambeson, with any styled hat to match. All of which the Towncryer themselves had to commission a tailor with their own wages.
The cost depended on the location, which influenced the dyes and materials they had access to. On average, a single Tabard alone could be the same price of being able to feed themselves for a whole week. Combined with the hat, in many cases, would cost them their taxes.   It was not until after the Decade of Darkness and the founding of the Towncryer's Guild that this has changed, inspired by the bravery of the Towncryer of Emberfall.

The Towncryer' Blazing Hope

During the Siege of Emberfall, Bramdar Ashborn stood up against the hordes of the Dominions. He did so not with an axe, sword or bow, but with his daily cry to his fellow Emberites. Each day Bramdar rang his bell so loud and boomed his voice so strongly, even the besiegers could hear his daily affirmations.   When all hope was lost, when all strength was weakened and when nothing but darkness loomed over Emberfall; it was Bramdar who kept the light in everyone's hearts lit.   After 10 years, on the final day, those who were able sallied out with the aid of the Alliance. Bramdar joined the ranks and rang his bell as the Bannerman of the soldiers. Unfortunately, Bramdar was struck by an Orcish arrow.   Now, ahead of the main gates of Emberfall, stands a statue of Bramdar. Hammered on the base of the statue is a plaque. Engraved on this plaque is the final verse of the ballad, the Towncryer's Blazing Hope.   Since then the Towncryer's guild was founded, in commemoration and inspiration by the bravery of Bramdar.  
"Oh yay! Oh yay! Atharia survives! Still standing!"
— The Towncryer's Blazing Hope
Final Verse

What is a Towncryer?

  A traditional and noble profession; a Towncryer is someone who makes announcements to the public, such as; law changes, news sanctioned by the lord and announcing curfew and the start of the day.   Those who choose to be a Towncryer and accepted into the Towncryer's Guild are proud to deliver the lastest news to their fellow citizens of Atharia.  

Magic Dyes

Since the advent of Magic after the Conquest, many industries have been revolutionised into new processes and Dyeing is one.   Traditionally, dyeing fabrics was a lengthy process. Firstly the Dyers are to create the dyestuff; a mixture of materials to create the dye. After that the dyestuff is soaked in water, where the fabric is to be bathed and left to simmer until the desired colour is applied. Many dyes also required a Mordant, to help apply the dye to the fabric. The fabric or textile then needs to be dried. Dyeing this way could take the dyer days or even weeks to complete.   With Magic Dyes, the need for mordant is removed as the dyes uses Essence to bind the colour to the textile. Furthermore, Magic Dyes can be kept in tiny glass vials. All the dyer needs to do is add a single drop into simmering water with the fabric; then stir until the water is clear and the textile is coloured. The dyeing process can take less than a day, which can include drying on a hot day.

The Colours

There is an ongoing debate within the Towncryer's Guild of the connotations of the coat and hat. Some say the meanings are:
Red: The colour of love, passion and the hearts of Athrians.
Blue: The colour of freedom, like the blue ocean and the sky.
Yellow: The colour of the sun, blessing of Taria's Essence to all.   Another suggestion is each colour represents the kinds of People of Atharia:
Red: Dwarfkind
Blue: Mankind
Yellow: Elfkind   Either way, it is agreed that all three colours collectively, represents the unity and bond of the people; especially as these are the colours of the Alliance.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Tailored to fit
Tailored to fit
Base Price
Commissioned only by the Atharian Towncryer's Guild

Public Opinion

"It is the best thing since Dwarven Bacon!"
— The Towncryer of Roxpool
"It gets really warm in the Summer months, but it is an honour to wear it"
— The Towncryer of Elverston
"Can I have mine in pink, pretty please?"
— A new member of the Guild
"I could wear this every day. Oh wait, I do!"
— The Towncryer of Everdale
"I am literally wearing the heart of Atharia. Thank you, Bramdar ."
— The Towncryer of Emberfall.


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