Cosmopolitan Curfew

The Cosmopolitan Curfew is a special ruling in Penchester that forbids all citizens without explicit permission to be outdoors after the fall of dusk.
Should anyone be caught disobeying, they will be detained until dawn and receive punishment based on the severity of the offence.


The curfew was introduced under the authority of Sir Robert MacReady to reduce crime at night and allow a period of time where the Cosmopolitan Constabulary could rest and carry out special operations under the cover of the night.


At the beginning of their shifts, the Constables of the Night will start patrolling in their emerald-green uniforms and encourage passers-by to make their way home.
This should give the citizens enough time to come to a close and get home in time for the curfew.
Once darkness has fallen, the Constables adjust their uniforms to better suit their purpose before taking to the rooftops and patrolling the streets from above.
The Constables may lay low in the streets, keeping watch over important areas or suspects from the shadows.


The Constables of the Night will begin patrolling at dusk, and the curfew will take effect as soon as the sun is no longer visible.
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