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Scatterbrain Boogery

Scatterbrain boogery, also called the spoogs, is the name given to the state of psychotic mania brought on by excessive use of the psychoactive drug, friendshroom. Its effects are considered permanent, as people suffering from it die within a relatively short amount of time. The tell-tale signs of someone being afflicted are wide open eyes, uncanny, strained, open-mouth smile, waddling gait, loud, unnatural laughter.

Symptoms of the spoogs always include elevated mood, hyperactivity, no desire or for sleep, a sense of grandiosity, delusions, conditional paranoia, and hallucinations. As with the effects of friendshroom, a person will feel a sense of friendliness towards others, but will quickly come to the conclusion that everyone is merely pretending to be a friend. Upon reaching said conclusion, it is common that the person suffering from the spoogs will react with a fight or flight response, either starting to attack any and all individuals present (or not present, but there due to hallucinations), or running away, often ignoring hazards on their path. An event such as this occurs within one day of contracting scatterbrain boogery.

The most common causes of death among the afflicted is being put down by the would-be-victims of their frenzies, unintentional suicide while escaping from their perceived threat, or intentional suicide when finding themselves unable to escape. Less common causes of death occur by those who live through their first day of having the spoogs, along with being mostly alone, thus not experiencing as severe delusions. Heart failure is almost guaranteed to occur within a week, likely in part due to hyperactivity and a lack of sleep.

Though there is no known cure, some individuals have survived for prolonged periods of time, several years even, by being restrained, force fed, and forcibly having been put to sleep by drugs or magic.

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