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Portrait of a Faceless Man

The Portrait of a Faceless Man is an oil painting on stretched canvas that can be found within in the Grand Temple of Cyfridaeth in Mezmer, the Archonate, where it has been on display since its discovery in 2122 PGE. It was found by Special Investigator of the CSAI, Francis van der Bursk, in the apartment of a murder victim during the investigation of a serial killer. It is unclear whether the victim had painted it or just owned the painting, and as such the official artist is credited as "to be determined".

The clerics of Cyfridaeth who specialize in forbidden and hidden knowledge theorize that the painting is supposed to depict "a regular man", a phenomenon that has been suppressed by divine law. Unless exposed to the painting on a regular basis, most people will forget about its existence over the course of a week.
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