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Crafting Temple Artisan

Please read the short article about the Crafting Temples before choosing this background
Prerequisites Dwarf
Skill Proficiencies Persuasion, Religion
Tool Proficiencies One type of artisan's tools from the following selection: Brewer's Supplies, Carpenter's Tools, Cobbler's Tools, Cook's Utensils, Glassblower's Tools, Jeweler's Tools, Leatherworker's Tools, Mason's Tools, Potter's Tools, Smith's Tools, Tinker's Tools, Weaver's Tools, or Woodcarver's Tools.
Equipment A set of artisan's tools with which you are proficient, a holy symbol of Du-Corrach stamped with your workshop's insignia, a maker's mark stamp with your own and your workshop's insignia, a set of traveler's clothes, and a pouch containing 15 gp.

Feature: Chosen Craftsman

The workshops within the crafting temple are considered to hold the god's chosen craftsmen within their area, and you as one of their workers are held in high regard in your community. Your costumers are inclined to tip your blessed work, your colleagues may be eager to share favors. And should you fall on hard times, the temple clerics will provide you with food and lodgings. Should you be successful in your endeavors, however, you will be expected to donate to the temple, lest you fall out of favor with the gods.


The size of the crafting temple is determined by the size of the community it exists within, and as such the amount of trades practiced within may be limited. Every temple has to have at least one foundry, one blacksmith, one armorer, and one cooper in order to be considered a proper crafting temple, but can in addition contain any of the trades in the table below. Roll, or pick a trade from the table below:
1d20 Trade
1 Armorer
2 Baker
3 Blacksmith
4 Brewer
5 Clothier/tailor
6 Cobbler
7 Cooper
8 Dyer
9 Fletcher
10 Glassblower
11 Jeweler
12 Leatherworker
13 Potter
14 Redsmith
15 Smelter
16 Stonemason
17 Weaver
18 Woodworker: Furniture maker/Carver
19 Woodworker: Carpenter/Framer
20 Woodworker: Turner

Suggested Characteristics

With the exception of receiving a tad bit more praise from their peers, the life of a crafting temple artisan is similar to that of a guild artisan. Traits and motivations from the guild artisan background in the player handbook may be appropriate with a few modifications.

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