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Falgiro Volcano fields

The Volcano fields are pretty much smack dab in the centre of Findallas, within the Sands of Cablintar, and it is pretty much the most inhospitable part of Hamanshiron, practically nothing lives there, very little thrives there and the only reason there are any sentient beings there is because they are Gnomes, and Gnomes are weird, but they in the mid ring of the Fields where the vents spew magma at multiple year intervals, which the Gnomes seem to be experts at predicting, not dead in the centre where Volcanoes are erupting almost all the time.   There is a theory that eventually the magma will start flowing further and further until it reaches the lush and fertile outskirts, then the Sands and then out to the rest of Findallas, how possible that is, the Gnomes will tell you but in very excited voices and at speeds which means you won't understand a word they are saying.


The Fields sit within the Sands of Cablintar and between the Sands and the fields there are actually lush green areas, due to the volcanic soil, the problem with living within the fields is that the Volcanos are constantly going off and there is never more than twenty miles between them, which means the magma flows easily between each vent and the next. Though at the mid ring where the Gnomes of Falgiro live, there is plant life though not as much as on the vents that at the edge of the field and connecting to the Lush ring of Cablintar.   The Fields and the Sands are almost directly in the centre of the continent of Findallas, technically splitting the border between Ijapura and Samarkalis but honestly neither nation has ever had any wish to claim it. They have border posts at the edges of the Sands, the Ijapurans going so far as to actually build a wall over hundreds of years between each fort, which is manned by the dregs of the Ijapuran Military, the Walls of Cablintar are a punishment detail absolutely, the customs and border forts however are where the best of the Simasul, the border Sheriffs of Ijapura are stationed.   In the central region of the field the air is thick with ash and smoke, breathing becomes difficult the further in you get, but if your lungs can take it you will see a sight very few have ever seen, but you better know how to run, because the volcanoes could erupt at any time.

Fauna & Flora

Very little plant life exists within the centre of the region, mostly because it can't survive the magma hitting it constantly, the only spechies that live within are the Argopuna (much like a bat but with two pairs of wings, one of which is normally not unfurled until or unless the second pair is damaged.   Within the central region are a colony of Magma brutes, much like Ogres they are a offshoot of Giantkind, but have become part mammalian part elemental, and much like Ogres they do not take kindly to trespassers within their domain, and they are almost constantly in conflict with the Fire Elementals that live in the region.

Natural Resources

The Gnomes some how are able to extract the best soil they can from their land, and they export it through both Ijapura and Samarkalis, selling at the best markets, as it is highly sought after by farming concerns throughout Hamanshiron.
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