Hallowed legacy Valjeta - Recent History of the Lost Sons Timeline

Valjeta - Recent History of the Lost Sons

The last fifty years of the recorded history of the Lost Sons mercenary company.

  • 456 AF

    467 AF

    Contract with the Tikarian Empire
    Political event

    The Lost Sons served the contract with the Sorcerer Lord of the Tikarians for eleven years before the betrayal.

  • 467 AF

    The Betrayal
    Military action

    The Sorcerer Lord turns on the Lost Sons, slaughtering their baggage train and families, in an attempt to avoid the promised payment. The Sons were able to defeat the Sorcerer Lord, but it was a costly victory.

  • 469 AF

    480 AF

    Kamari Islands Contract
    Life, Organisation Association

    The decade-plus contract was served by eliminating pirates from the surrounding seas and establishing the contract holder as the ruler of the islands.

  • 480 AF

    484 AF

    Short Term Contracts and the Journey East
    Life, Relocation

    During this time, the Lost Sons traveled east and took several minor contracts along the way.

  • 484 AF

    The Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

    A plague swept through the ranks of the Lost Sons and their families, decimating their numbers.

  • 484 AF

    486 AF

    The Slaver Contract
    Military action

    A traveling mystic was able to cure the plague but in exchange demanded a contract with the Lost Sons to serve and protect the slave roads.

  • 486 AF

    492 AF

    Contract of the Crown Prince
    Military action

    The Lost Sons spent several years helping the prince secure his rule over Sitaar and take out his rivals.

  • 486 AF

    Rescuing the Prince
    Military action

    The Lost Sons, during their service on the Slave Roads, rescued a caravan which happened to be that of the crown prince of Sitaar. They saved his life and in return he bought out their contract and hired them as his personal mercenary force.