Hallowed legacy The Fall

The Fall

Disaster / Destruction


The cataclysmic final battle in which the gods and mortals attempted to imprison the Titan.

Soon, mortals would no longer need to fear the darkness. The Titan's rule of terror in the dark places of the world would come to an end at the wrathful hands of the gods. Not so easily as the hoped and not without a terrible price.   The Titan's power was too great, for every shadow gave him strength. Eanna, goddess of the sun, believed that they could force a mortal form to the Titan and imprison him. Energy and power beyond anything the world had seen before would be needed, thus the gods gathered their mortal champions in their thousands.   They assembled at the only place strong enough to hold such power, the Great Seat; a monolithic black crystal which sprawled over several miles and rooted deep within the earth. Circling the base of the Seat, mortal sorcerers placed their hands upon the stone and filled it with arcane magicks. The gods focused their power on drawing the Titan out, facing him in open battle.   Enraged, the Titan sent corrupting shadows and ancient elementals. They overran the shores of the Great Seat isle, slaughtering mortals with ash, scouring wind, and boiling mud. Champions of every race rallied their armies, but they were losing ground inch by bloody inch.   All hope seemed lost, and Eanna dispaired for she had led her children to utter destruction. Then, like a blazing star, a dying god burst into the realm. Aldanoc and Eanna tethered its energy, forcing it into the Seat.   At once, the Titan was bound to a mortal form, his power shattered and suppressed, and shackled within the Great Seat. But the energy was too great. Every mortal in contact with the black crystal was instantly incinerated, their handprints forever seared into the rock. The island around the Seat was rendered to ashen wastes, every living creature within obliterated.   Around the planet, ley lines overloaded with power erupted, sending storms of wild magic across the globe. Primal elementals were woken from their slumber deep within the earth, they shattered whole mountain ranges and drained seas as they thrashed in rage. Whole cities with thousands of souls were swallowed by the earth, never to be seen again.   The Titan was imprisoned. The price was the near extinction of all life on Ior.