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The Liminal Halls (li · muh · nuhl)

Every doorway is a chance you take. You never truly know where it might lead.
— Helka, the Portal Witch
  The Space Between is sometimes just that; a small space between here and there. Sometimes, however, it is much more than that, and those who do not pay attention may suddenly find themselves in the vast expanse of the Liminal Halls.  

Through the Door

The Liminal Halls are nebulous and indefinable to the mortal mind. Any door, gate, or similar in-between space has a chance, however small, to send those who pass into this drifting plane. There are not many people who know of the Halls, and fewer still manage to escape them once they've found them. The Halls are constantly changing, shifting to form impossible structures that defy logic and gravity. Floating towers, stairs that climb sideways or upsidedown, and looping, endless halls occupy this plane. Their architecture is borrowed from all the worlds connected to the Liminal Halls.  

A Key to Every Door

Despite the difficulties of navigating the Liminal Halls, there are those who enter them willingly. To purposely enter the Halls requires a special key. This key has the power to turn any door into a direct link to the Liminal Halls. That is the easiest part of using this "shortcut," however, for once a traveler steps into this realm they will need to find a door that leads out.   Scattered throughout the Halls are creatures called Guardians. These creatures can take many forms, with widely varied features, but all of them have a lock for a key. The same key that leads to the Halls can be used to escape but it must be used on one of these Guardians. Where the exit leads depends on the strength of the Guardian and the weaker ones may simply die as a result of their lock being opened.
Dimensional plane


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