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The Ashen Tear

The bleak plains around the Great Seat are a forsaken waste. Even still, life takes root.
— Geoffry, a wanderer
  The Great Seat was the location of the final battle against the Titan. When the gods struck what should have been the killing blow, an impossible force rocked the lands and changed the face of the world forever. What was left of the once verdant island was nothing but ash and death and the massive rock which would stand as a mournful monument to the lost. Though the grey souls of the dead wander the isle, severed from Nesmerleth's grace, there are still traces of life on the dusty plain.  

Pale Blooms

Very few living creatures have made the journey to the Great Seat and returned to tell about it. Those who have, tell stories of the night air filled with a soft spice and milky flowers blooming from the ash. These flowers are unlike anything else in Ior and have only been found on the plains of the Great Seat.   The flowers grow in clusters of four or five. Their grey stems and leaves blend in with the parched land around them during the day, but the white, bell-shaped flowers unfurl at night. They seem to glow softly in the moonlight, giving the dark lands the appearance of fallen stars.  

Sea of Tears

The origin of these strange flowers is unknown, but that never stops the bards. The story goes that Saint Evangeline, believing she would lose the battle and fail her people, began to weep as she faced off against her foe. Where those tears fell, they seeped into the earth and became seeds. After the destruction, the souls of the dead added their own tears to the ash and brought the seeds to life.


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