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Sepulchre of Flame; The Sun of Valjeta

Many eons ago, before the races of Valjeta rose to spread across the world, the sun was dying. The Solar Titan had watched over this planet for millennia, observing the small and slow changes of life. He witnessed the first steps of the primal races as they tried to build their first empires which were little more than tribal collectives. He did not interfere, at first. A massive volcanic eruption sent tidal waves, ten miles high, towards one of these fledgling kingdoms and the Solar Titan could not simply watch any longer. He stretched out his hand and pushed the land up in front of the oncoming wave. A jagged chain of mountains rose from the seafloor creating a protective wall around the primitive empire, and the Solar Titan could no longer be a simple observer.   As time went on, the Solar Titan would intervene when some natural disaster or another threatened the people of Valjeta. Yet the greatest threat loomed in the skies above. The sun was losing its power. It grew ever dimmer and colder, causing catastrophic winters that lasted longer with every passing year. The Solar Titan grew despondent at the knowledge that all the life on Valjeta would die with its sun.   In a desperate attempt to save the people of Valjeta, the Solar Titan extended his power to fuel the sun. The sun absorbed the Titan's energy with torrential force, brutal and unrelenting. At first, the Solar Titan fought against the force of the sun but realized that struggle only damaged the star. So it was, with hope and grief, that the Solar Titan surrendered to the sun. With the power of that unknowable being, the star of Valjeta was reborn. Thus, the source of life was also a grave.


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