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Od Porano (Odd poor-AH-no)

The jewel of Aga rests on the waves of gold in the center of Trava Morska. Civilizations have risen and crumbled on this very spot. Their threads, like roots, weave a tapestry unparalleled in all the world.
— Dit'sem, Wandering Poet
  The great plain of Trava Morska is a sea of grass that extends from the northern seas all the way to the Saint's Head mountains in the southeast. Thousands of miles of gently rolling waves of amber grass interwoven with ancient roads, farms, and towns make Trava Morska the rich center of the City States. And all roads lead to Od Porano.  

The City Upon the City

The site of Od Porano has been used for centuries, each incarnation of the city built upon the ruins of the last. It is speculated that the first people to build the first settlement in this location were the ancient minotaurs. Their buildings were made of monolithic stone, some carved from the very bedrock itself. When the minotaurs disappeared, others moved into the ruins and built their own city upon the ancient foundations.   Century after century, the city grew. It burned, the citizens rebuilt. Secrets were lost and rediscovered. The city evolved as fashions came and went, until it was a metropolis of many varied buildings, districts, and citizens.   The Eroberan empire built towers, cisterns, sewers, and structures people have no longer have names for. Many of these structures still function, though there are few people who understand how. As a consequence, despite it's size, Od Porano has clean running water in many buildings and does not breed disease as much as other large cities.  

Lamp Light

Another wonder of Od Porano, left behind by a long forgotten civilization, are the lamps. The streets are lined with tall lamps, and many buildings have lamps above their doors or hanging from ceilings. These lamps are connected to a mysterious system of pipes which only the Lamp Lighter cult understands.   The Lamp Lighters maintain the lamps and walk the streets at twilight with their curved lighting sticks and bring the pale green flames to life. Even in the dead of night, Od Porano is never dark.


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