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Moth Dust

There are always those who are willing to pay well for the right secrets. And there will always be those who are willing to go to any lengths to harvest those secrets. The more defended the secret, the more it is worth. How do you pry such valuable secrets from tightly guarded lips? Moth dust.
— Black Tongue
  It is widely known that moths are the messengers and sacred symbols of Gwyfyn, goddess of magic, secrets, and witches. Different moths are considered to have different meanings and uses. A few species produce a quantity of dust which can be used in potions, poisons, and artifacts.   Given that they are sacred to the goddess, one might expect to earn her ire by harvesting the dust, but the Moth Mother values those who seek knowledge and understands the sacrifice that some knowledge requires.  


It is possible to harvest the dust from cultivated moths, and many alchemists and traders use this method to ensure they have enough at all times. However, this method tends to produce less potant dust, requiring more of it to achieve the desired effect. Even still, harvesting the moths in the wild is dangerous.   The types of moths that produce the strongest dust only live in remote mountain vallies or, occasionally, near potant ley lines. After a harvester reaches a good location, they must draw the moths in. Though the moths are attracted to light, as all moths are, they are more interested the smoke of sap resin extracted from ley soaked trees. This ingredient, alone, is hard to come by but well worth the effort. The scent of this sap can bring whole flocks of moths and direct them into traps made of woven reeds or flax.   Then the dust can be collected from the wings, though this most often leads to the death of the moths.


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