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Lost Souls - Adventure Hook

You remember the great battle in flashes and fragments. Saint Evangeline, her pale armor a shining beacon in the burning dark as she led the charge against the elemental forces of the Titan. The countless mages surrounding the Seat as massive arcs of arcane energy flowed into the black stone. The blinding flash of light that crashed into the Seat and rocked the very foundations of the world. Then... Grey. Ash. Death.   The years have passed in a haze and though you know you died in that terrible cataclysm... your soul has wandered the wastes of the Seat, Nesmerleth's embrace beyond your reach. Until the mist finally reached you in fraying tendrils and you were able to follow them into the cool realm of the Inevitable Queen.   You knelt at the foot of her throne and her voice, like the chime of bells, echoing through your mind. "Welcome home, lost one. I know thou wishest rest, and though it is deserved, I must ask for thine aid. The souls of those who fought by thy side are still trapped, beyond my reach. I will return thy breath and bone if thou will seek answers in the Above."   The first breath was painful, tearing through lungs which had lain still for too long. Every inch of your body burned as blood rushed to fill empty veins. Groaning, you sat up, brushing the grave loam from your shrouded body. A new body, you think, as the mists of Nesmerleth fade from your mind like a dream upon waking. You know what you must do, but not how. The bodies lain to rest around you also sit up, gasping in pain and staring at one another with wide eyes. An understanding passes between you all as you struggle to stand and make your way from the shadowed depths of the mausoleum into the bright sunlight.


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