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Gwyn (GWINN)

Child Fair; Born of Blood and Snow
  Gwyn was born to Queen Cardea and King Brontes in the dead of winter. Her birth was a difficult one and ultimately led to the death of her mother. When the time had come, for reasons still mysterious, Cardea had gone into the woods to have her daughter. By the time Brontes had found his wife and child, Cardea was dead and Gwyn was ice cold. Desperate to save at least one of them, the king had brought his child home and huddled with her by the fire for three days. He woke to her cries and mismatched eyes.   Rumors swirled the instant Brontes brought Gwyn home. They all knew the signs of a changeling child, but the king would hear no word against her. There was something strange about the child, that was certain, but the king loved her with all his heart.


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