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From the Farthest Shore

They came in the long night from distant, unknown shores. With seafoam in their blood and starlight in their eyes, they swept the lands of Aga like a tidal wave. They molded the world in their image and destroyed all who resisted. Even now that they are long gone, there is no place known to the kin that remains untouched by seafoam and starlight.
— Kindred's Lament
  Their ships were unlike any seen in the world before. Their arrival was proceeded by vicious storms and lights in the sky. They came from the faraway lands of Erobera, fleeing destruction of their own making, and swept the lands and people before them. Led by their undying King, the Eroberans took control of the known lands and kingdoms in little more than a decade and ruled for twelve centuries. And even after they have long since disappeared, their mark forever casts a shadow upon the world.  

The Eternal King

King Talis was ancient even before his people conquered the known world and he ruled his empire for all twelve centuries. Though the many regional lords of the Eroberan empire quickly surrendered to cruelty and corruption, King Talis was only as tyrannical as any emperor would be. He dictated that the people under his rule would worship his god but harshly punished his own lords when they would execute citizens for alleged heresy. Talis oversaw the creation of the Fawns and the relocation of the Dryads yet he also advocated for their rights as sentient beings when his own lords treated them as objects.   After several centuries of direct rule, King Talis retreated to the first fortress on the eastern shores of Inand. There, from within the bone coral walls, he ruled indirectly until the empire fell.


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