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Dwarves; Children of Kazan

The dwarves are much like their god, Kazan, in their stubbornness and productiveness. During the Fall, many of their cities were damaged or destroyed, but they combined their efforts to rebuild as much as they could. They have not reclaimed the grandeur of their empires from before, but their mines and fortified cities are still wonders in their own rights. Though primarily craftsmen and tradesmen, there are still many dwarves willing to leave their mountains and hills to explore and settle the world. They are curious by nature and can often be found exploring the world.
— From "The Children of the Gods"

The Copper King

Thousands of years before the Fall, the dwarves built wonderous cities and mines beneath the expansive mountain regions. It was slow and difficult work, at first, but they soon learned the secrets of metal working. The story of the first Dwarven King tells of how he bonded with an elemental creature of copper and it shared with him the knowledge of smelting and smithing. He learned of alchemy and the properties of stone, and with this knowledge he brought immense prosperity to the children of Kazan.   Yet, he grew old, as all mortals do, though he lived far longer than the average dwarf. The elemental consort that had grown so fond of the king did not want to watch him die. So they fused their lifeforce with the king in a desperate attempt to save him. It was after this fusion that the Heart of the Mountain was discovered and the Copper King vowed to guard it at all costs.  

Heart of the Mountain

Deep within the bedrock of the vast mountain hold of the Copper King, the Heart pulses with a measured beat. What these hearts truly are have been lost to time, but they are known to possess the power to fuel wonderous machines and keep the horrors that lurk in the dark below away. With the discovery of the first heart, the dwarves learned to create more. With the founding of each new major city, a new heart would be made. Noble dwarves would sacrifice their entire lives to the creation and maintenance of the hearts, though why that is has been long forgotten.   After the Fall, many of the hearts died with their cities, though there are a few holds which are still protected by the thrumming beat of a still living heart. The dwarves have lost the ability and knowledge required to make more, and some of the old hearts are slowly dying, prompting some dwarves to desperately search for the truth.  


Metal working and alchemy are their foremost skills, and this comes through strongly in their culture. Many of the dwarves will paint their skin with metallic pigments, to pay homage to their ancestors who bonded with elementals.


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