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Chwalu - The Shatter-glass Sword (/ˈχwaːli/)

The elegant blade gleams in the cold light of dawn, reflecting the soft pink clouds in its silvery surface. The hand-mirror handle shines silver through the grey tarnished engravings depicting horned creatures being hunted by beasts. At first glance, this is a beautiful and unique sword but nothing more. But looks are often deceiving.
  Glass swords are rare artifacts, like many remnants of the age before the dreaming, and their history is as obscured as the murky waters of the Reedborne Sea. It was said that the glass swords were made by the Veiled Courts in an effort to see through the lies of their foes. Like all mirrors, the swords could only tell the truth. Not only that, but the glass swords could cut through deception as easily as they could part flesh. The weak-willed and capricious fey would find the swords could turn on them and they fell out of use. Few remain, and those that do are often damaged or flawed. Some, however, endured.  

Mirror, Mirror, In My Hand

Item type
Unique Artifact


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