Glamours Physical / Metaphysical Law in Hallowed Legacy | World Anvil


That fine, ephemeral beauty which all souls strive toward. The power to bend the elements to your will or to whisper a song that moves nations, all coalesced into that glittering, golden nectar. An alluring temptation, by all counts, but take heed. Too few ask where it comes from.
— Nona, the Broken
  A spell to hide the flaws on a noble lady's face, an enchantment to please a lover, a bargain with a cloud to spin a storm and sink a ship at sea; all these things and more can be done with the right Glamour and the right talent. Though these are far from true magic, like the dark powers wielded by the Fae, Glamours are powerful enough to meet the needs of most humans.
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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