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Drimhall is a large farming town. It's population is mainly human, with a resonably large gnome population as well. There are few rich folks, as most of the population is working class, but poverty and hunger are not of great concern. In order to support the local farms, the town of Drimhall is home to a number of blacksmiths, glassblowers, bakers, herbalists, and even a few magic shops. There is also a small population of clerics and priests who all worship at the local church of the god Kelemvor.


The Maire is the elected leader of the town and he has absolute authority over all branches of local government. He serves for life, and is in charge of balancing the Guardforce, the merchant's guild, the needs of the farmers, and the demands of the local thieves guild. Each of these groups pays a tax to the Maire, except the Guardforce which is funded by the tax, and has to abide by the agreements made with the maire at the threat of enforcement by the Guardforce. Being Maire is a dangerous position, and, more often than not, the maire will find a premature death after failing to meet the needs of a certain group. Because of this, each group, with the exception of the farmers who are not unified, has the power to influence the Maire in a direction. The Guardforce is led by the Guardmaster, the thieves guild by their Dagger, the merchant's guild by their guildmaster, and the farmers answer only to the Maire (or the guards on the authority of the maire.)


The town is defended entirely by the Guardforce, which acts both as a police and militia for the town. In times of conflict, the town also conscripts much of it's farming population into the Guardfoce in order to fill out the numbers.

Industry & Trade

Whilst Drimhall supports a wide variety of craftsmen and aritsans, it remains primarily a farming town. It's chief exports are grain, cattle, wood, fish, and animal products. Within the town itself you'll find glassblowers, horse breeders, metalworkers, and even a few magical artisans. These buisnesses sell locally by the most part, except for the magical artisans who sometimes cooperate with The Trenshi Spellcrafters on greater projects.


Drimhall has access to the following infrastructure: Windmills, docks, glassblowing workshops, animal breeders, banks, a chapel, a public garden.


Drimhall is divided into the following districs: the Docks, Mary's Market, The Grand Hall, The Shaking Shacks, and The Forgepits. Mary's Market refers to the whole shopping district, located on the northern side of town. This is a deceptively large area, as many of the shops are actually old houses from the Shaking Shacks that have slowly been incorporated into the market due to a growing population of artisans. The Grand Hall refers mainly the hall of the Maire, but also to the few wealthy houses that are near it. The Grand Hall is located in the center of the city.


A large town, Drimhall can supply it's population with most of the commodities of the world. Mary's Market supplies the population with magic items, adventuring gear, food, tools, weapons, clothing, fashion, glass, livestock, horses, and a variety of other things. Additionally, the Docks supply fish as well as being a point of trade with the other lakeside towns. The Forgepits are responsible for producing the many wholesale goods that are necessary to keep the rest of the city running, and are also responsible for most of Drimhall's exported goods.

Guilds and Factions

The main factions present in Drimhall are: the Guardforce, the thieve's guild (know as the The Shattered Blade), and the merchant's guild (The Hand of Midas.) The magic shops in town are also all members of The Trenshi Spellcrafters, and as such they also have a presence.


Drimhall was founded in 223 As. by Mary and Trym Drimhall. They were a pair of gnomes who were looking for a place to settle down with their large family. Soon after their arrival, they were joined by a large group of human refugees fleeing from the The Dragon Raids.

Points of interest

When visiting Drimhall you will find only three major points of interest: The Church of Kelemvor, The Grand Hall, and the statue of Mary and Trym Drimhall. The chapel is a tall grey structure with the skeletal emblem of Telemvor on the heavy wooden doors. It is decorated with tall grey stained glass windows and has few colorful aspects. The Grand Hall is the oldest building in Drimhall, and the largest. It is a mainly wooden construction that dominates the area around it. Tall wooden pillars and a high roof make the inside feel larger than the outside. The Grand Hall is open to the public most of the day and takes suggestions from the population in new legislation to put in place. The statue of Mary and Trym Drimhall is located in Mary's Market and every day at noon the statue's eyes seem to come alive and watch the goins on of the town. If a crime is committed near the statues during the 2 hour period for which this effect lasts, the statues will move their arms to point directly at the criminal.


Sitting next to Quilion Lake, Drimhall is situated in a lush green expanse of rolling hills broken up by forest. These hills are deceptive, and hide sudden cliffs and thornbushes, ready to catch the unwary traveller in a trap. They are also pockmarked with gopher holes and home to a great many creatures. The forest nearby is sparsely wooded; it's floor mostly obscured by a thick underbrush. The trees grow tall, and sunlight filters through in beams that vanish into the bushes and vines that cover the ground.
Founding Date
236 As.
Large town
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank

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