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Zip Zap's Zoinkery

Purpose / Function

This building was built as a shop. When Drimhall was founded it went through a rapid developpment phase during which many of the town's current buildings where built. This is one of those buildings and Zip Zap has had his shop here almost as long as it existed.


During his time as shop owner, Zip Zap added a glass skylight overlooking the showroom floor.


Stone bricks make up most of the walls of Zip Zap's Zoinkery, and the roof is thatched with a dark stained wood. There is a small staircase tower that gives acces to the rest of the shop's three floors.


Zip Zap has had a long time to refine his gentle craft of magic artistry. As such, it is, rather, "was" common for people to attempt to steal items. Because of the nature of Zip Zap's enchantments, such acts of theft are punished in direct proportion to the crime. As soon as the item leaves the shop, it's sentient nature will awaken. The item will immediately attempt to return into the shop by whatever means available. Should the thief attempt to further kidnap the item, it will attack them. Whatever force is necessary to return to the shop will be employed. If someon tries to break in after hours, some of the items will simply attack the thieves.


In Drimhall, Zip Zap's Zoinkery is a household name. It's been the town's primary magic item supplier for nearly as long as the town has existed. Zip Zap himself is well known for his many extravagant publicity stunts with which he hopes to appeal to a larger audience. Such stunts include: Writing "Come down to Zip Zap's" out of clouds in the sky, causing a massive holographic elephant to parade through the streets trumpeting and advising people to "shop at Zip Zap's: where the zips are zappy and the zaps are zippy."


Zip Zap's Zoinkery is the prime location to purchase all your magical needs, if you have the coin of course. Zip Zap's is fully stocked with items ranging from The Innexcusably Magnificient Color Changing Stick, to The Cloak of Mental Domination. Most of Zip Zap's patrons are adventurers and wealthy nobles, though the odd commoner will stop by for minor enchatments.
Founding Date
270 As.
Shop, Magic
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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