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Gundria Magic & Chaos

21st of September, 394 AS

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Gundria is a land of magic. A land where things are often not what they seem. Gnomes are the ancestral natives to the continent, and have managed to keep a firm presence there even after the arrival of dragonborn, elves, dwarves, and much later, humans. There are few large kingdoms in Gundria, and most have constantly fluctuating borders. Most territories are governed locally, and very differently from eachother. Oftentimes these small states have conflicting laws, and therefore it is important to know the laws of the specific area in which you are. Additionally, these states do not have the political reach to enforce their laws very far outside their borders. Perhaps more importantly, Gundria is a land of magic. Much of what happens in Gundria is strange and unpredictable. People are born with odd disfigurements and strange powers, cities disappear and reappear throughout time, and ancient ruins with strange properties cover the landscapes of the world.

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