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The Bottom Grung

The Bottom Grung is a common adventuring shop suited to the needs of the somwhat average adventurer. Not only supplying mundane equipment such as ladders, rope, backpacks, and tents, The Bottom Grung also carries an assortment of poisons mixed by the shopkeeper. The shopkeep himself is a short blue grung named Gilf.

Purpose / Function

Originally built as a house, The Bottom Grung was converted into an adventuring gear shop by Gilf, the current owner. Because of this, the inside feels cramped and small; filled with many many things. This appearance is deceiving. In fact the building is quite large.


The Bottom Grung has a tall crooked frame, that comes to a peak that seems jut out at an odd angle. It has three floors but the top floor is too small to fit anything but small boxes. The house is built primarily of wood upon a stone foundation. The front wall of the building has a large glass window for showcasing the many goods available inside.


Gilf Moved in from the Frogsmire Swamps A mere 12 years ago. He had grown frustrated with his society, for ethical reasons, and decided to strike out and discover the outside world. As an artisan himself, he found that he had a knack at identifying quality materials and equipment. He took this skill and made The Bottom Grung the establishment it is now. Before then, the building had been home to an old half orc who'd left his fair share of memories in the holes he made in the walls.


The Bottom Grung is a somewhat less frequented establishment, as the Grung are not looked upon favourably, and as such it's main clientelle is adventuring folk and those whom society has neglected.
Founding Date
268 As.
Shop, Generic
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Characters in Location

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