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Balemund's Brewery

Located in the heart of Mary's Market, Balemund's Brewery is the ideal location to gather with friends and experience the wonders of an ale recipe passed down through generations. The seating is comfortable, the people are jovial, and everyone is welcome at Balemund's Brewery.  


The Biggins

Our specialty ale; it comes in a mug large enough for even the stoutest orc, but presents a flavour profile as beautiful as a spring dryad

  The PGA

Our Pale Goblin Ale is a fruity, but bitter, ale that robs you blind of your senses in only a few drinks.

Grung Poison

Not to worry, this drink contains NONE of it's eponymous substance. One of our expert brewmasters sampled a small portion of actual grung poison and developped this powerful spirit to emulate it's flavour profile.

Duergar's Doorstop

A dark and heavy beer fit for the denizens on the underdark.



BBQ Owlbear

Diced owlbear steak served on a large flatbread, and topped with cheese, tomato sauce, herbs, and our in house BBQ sauce

Princess Pesto

A delicate assemblage of cheese, crispy flatbread, pesto, tomato sauce, and salami

Mushroom Mystic

A selection of locally foraged mushrooms; served on cheese, tomato sauce, and bell pepper

Vampire Slayer

A large flatbread topped with cheese, pureed garlic, roasted whole garlic, and herbs

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