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jimkij yij͡shi

tengu god. Younger god that came into existance after "The other one" had been a toji for a few centeries. He has a penchant for following them around like a little lost puppy, or overexcitable one. Bird-person; closer to tengu, has little feathers framing his eyes and large black wings (kind of like the ones from kamisama hajimemashita). Looks rather intimidating and serious in most contexts, but instantly flips to a more cute persona around too.   His species was created by hìzámạ́, and is exclusively male. The mountains they are native to (in the Northeast Archipellago) are often subject to heavy magic fog/mist, and every so often it coalesces into an egg.   As a mortal, he'd known much of the exploits and wartime efforts of "The other one" and their group, as they feature very prominently in the history of the Northeast Archipellago. He'd been inadvertantly saved by too, and had idolized them from that point forward. After ascending to godhood, he figured out that the person that had saved him was an immortal legendary figure and dedicated his time to endearing himself to them.   god of Lightning and storms that bring lightning   jimkij yij͡shi - winter

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