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Burn the Bodies - Battlefield Cremation


Originally caught on during the First Major Magical Conflict, where the Masuge practice of cremation gained a practical use: to prevent bodies from either side from being reanimated by wind magic users. It was also a way to prevent the diseases that stem from rotting corpses.   As with most combat practices, this eventually fell out of favor during extended peacetime and ended up being forgotten.


After a battle, rough descriptions of the bodies are made, then the corpse is set ablaze. The rough description is placed in the clean bones afterward-- as a way for others to identify them eventually. This was not the standard practice outside of Masuge, though. They believed that it was dishonorable for one to refuse to show the enemy enough grace to be remembered and retrieved by their loved ones.


The most powerful fire magic users of the combat units are the ones to take this task, though others are encouraged to help in recording the corpses' features.
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