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Animated Cold


Excessive exposure to cold magic (any magic that has a low temperature)-- environmental or attack-based. It's a bit like a combination of frostbite and hypothermia, with other elements such as delusions and hallucination.


  • delusions
  • hallucinations
  • dangerously low body temperature
  • frostnip on extremeties (can progress to frostbite if left untreated)
Delusions and hallucinations are caused by the excess magic that one contains when afflicted, and are an early warning sign of magic induced conditions. As the internal body temperature lowers, the delusions and hallucinations tend to dissipate, as the body starts using magic to regain heat. If it continues for several hours, frostnip can begin to occur on extremities, which can progress to frostbite if left untreated. This happens when one's body begins to run low on magic, which was being used to counteract the hypothermia.


Tea made from a specific root, which causes the afflicting magic to be counteracted. It also has minor heating and healing effects, which helps treat the hypothermia and frostnip. Frostbite requires one to visit a healer.   Those with a grasp of fire magic can sometimes use that to recover without assistance, and they are already less likely to develop animated cold, considering their bodies run hotter than others of their species.


If left untreated, extremities can become necrotic, and the afflicted could die of hypothermia. It can also result in the afflicted developing Magic Exhaustion, as the magic reserves are depleted.

Affected Groups

Those who are already low on magic are more susceptible to developing the more serious effects, without experiencing the warning of delusions and hallucinations. Beings with smaller magic reserves also experience more extreme effects, as their bodies don't have much to counteract the foreign magic. Such beings are also made susceptible to Magic Exhaustion, as is anyone whom has this condition persist.

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Dec 12, 2023 14:04 by Marc Zipper

Cool article love the fact that tea is a cure. Also great idea that you have fire mages resistance to this resistance to this disease.

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