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Lady Yu

Proprietress of the city of Yulao, Lady Yu seems to have an immense interest in getting peoples to pair up, romantically. Yet, her actions seem the antithesis of that idea. Appearing closer to the actions of a particularly brutal warlord. Cupid with a cleaver was a particularly colorful description I heard once. Hope that girl is okay...   Her reasoning is unknown, but her methods? Those are well documented.   Her city is her domain, and there is one rule. Do not fuck with the Lady. Be it her herself, the city she built, or the couples she has taken a vested interest in, anyone found messing with her overall plan (as esoteric as it seems) often ends up as an example. That example being flayed and put in a public place to finish dying, or perhaps a cybernetic spike driven into the prefrontal lobe? The latter at least keeps you walking around, albeit with a nice new piercing on the forehead, and far more docile than before. Though that might be small consolation.    Her actions are all the more baffling when the rumors that the Lady got to her position are taken into account. The more fanciful tales involves her being a consort for a particularly wealthy man, dotted on and lavished. Some rumors suggest that she simply inherited it all from her husband. Others that she killed him for it, others still suggest a mix of ideas, both the previous two and others    Those that work for her are zealotous in their convictions, though it's unclear if it's out of fear or actual loyalty. I lean towards genuine loyalty, as the guards of Yulao are well known to be genuinely polite, as opposed to the forced politness of most industries. As if they truly want to be there. Though I can't speak for what goes on behind closed doors.    The Lady of Yulao also has a reputation for making barbarian tribes and roving gangs... well, she has a reputation for making them vanish. Like no one was there in the first place. The buildings are left completely intact, with no signs of battle or struggle, but the people and all of their belongings Are missing.
unknown, assumed black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
unknown, assumed olive
about 5' 5"

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