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VISTRAAL   (half-elves)   Treat as template to apply to human classes. Classes work as normal and gain following…   Infravision: 60’   Cold Iron Vulnerability: 1.5x weapon damage.   Resistant to Magic Sleep/Paralysis: +2 to Saves.   Languages: Common, Elven.   True Name: May be summoned/banished as if (Type V) demon.   Slow Chameleon: +1/level hide in shadows when in same environment 2d6 months.   **Note: Vistraal may be Daemistaal. In this case, simply use the Daemistaal class.**  


  The product of the union between man and elf, the Vistraal are one of the most bizarre mysteries of nature. Vala'Suun, upon reaching Gothenya, lost the ability to reproduce amongst themselves. In fact, the Solti cannot reproduce at all. It was eventually discovered that the Kelti were able to produce offspring, however only through mating with humans.   Children born of this mixed parentage come out in one of two ways (three of you count the Daemistaal). They either exhibit all the racia traits of the Vala'Suun, and in fact become completely indistinguishable from other Kelti (even down to not being able to reproduce with other Kelti themselves), or they exhibit almost uniquely human traits (though with the occasional Kelti trait thrown in for good measure).   Those born as Kelti are accepted into Vala'Suun society as if they were full-blooded, whereas those born "human" are essentially out of luck. They are often unaccepted by either parent. This is not to say that all human-centric Vistraal are abandoned by their parents. It's more of a case that they do not naturally or easily "fit into" wither society. They are most certainly shunned by the haughty Solti (who already look down on the "low born" Kelti).   Daemistaal are a third possible result of such a union. These "unfortunate" beings exhibit not only human or Kelti traits, but also those of the genetic cousins to the Vala'Suun... the Vu'un, or "demons." More about the Daemistaal in their own section.   There are many stories, mostly folk tales from the villages of men, about the abduction of human children by the fey, or specifically the elves. It is likely these stories stem from a small kernel of truth.    Often Kelti will mate with humans and then run off into the woods, often never to be seen again. Many hate the fact that they must "lower" themselves to mate with "mortals," and as such, perform their duties with ill regard. In cases where the mother is Kelti, their "full Kelti" children are simply integrated into Vala'Suun society. If the child were to emerge bearing predominantly human traits, the baby might well be abandoned.   Conversely, and here's where the stories likely come from, in cases where the mother is human, the Kelti father may return once more to glance upon their newborn child. If indeed, the babe is "Kelti," it may be stolen away from the human mother and taken deep into the heart of Kelti territory to be raised as one of their own. More human babies are almost exclusively ignored, with the elven parent not deigning to claim the child as his own.   These associated abductions have become the grounds for many stories and fables regarding the elusive Vala'Suun and their sometimes "wicked ways."

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