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Greetings, Phrases, Etc...

In the SIDEBAR is a list of Common Sayings within the world at large, and of particular use in the West. Unless otherwise noted, these phrases all originated in the Common tongue...  

Frog Lord
Odd Fellows
Adventuring Party
Blood Mage
Tiefling Spy

Common Phrases
Common Phrases in Hariel   Greeting and farewell   The following terms can be used interchangeably.   The formal "hello": "Fortune find you."   The informal "hello": "Fortunate day."   The formal "goodbye": "Go in peace"   The informal "goodbye": "Peaceful day"   The formal "hello" od Varrum: "Praised presence."   The informal "goodbye" of Varuum: "Until next!"   Another common "goodbye": "With baited breath."   A Qualenti greeting/farewell: "Aluve!"   A mixed gendered formal greeting amongst nobles of uncertain station: "“Gentles...”   Other phrases, Alphabetically   Used across both Hariel Majour and Minuta:   "A little sun." - slang term for gold coins.   “Abyssal” - term applied to the collective creatures of the Abyss, their language, work, study, beliefs, and customs, and to items of their making; the term is also applied to anything belonging to, or resembling the Abyss   “Accursed, the” - a term for Qualenti used by other elves.   “Art, the” - term that means the use of arcane magic.   "As in Angleport, so goes the West." - a reminder of the political importance of the greatest trade city in the West.   "As peaceful as the Churn." - not at all peaceful.   "As [true] as a crown is round." - referring to the shape of the Wyethian kingdom minted gold coin (called a "crown").   "Bedine"- a member of a tribal community of nomads in the Wastes of Veric.   "Before the Gods /or Before Celene" - I swear to you.   "Chronos blinks." - time flies.   “Chultan”- a local inhabitant of Chult.   “Coin-raker” - a money grubber.   “Curlbeard” - dwarven term for something bitter or disgusting in taste or smell, or something nauseating.   “Dawnfry”- a more colloquial, or specific, term for breakfast (often a camp meal at dawn; literally a skillet of some sort using fish or leftovers from the day before, eggs, sliced meat cooked in its own juices, the ubiquitous trail-food sausages, etc).   “Doom”- term for a lich’s (or other powerful abomination's) domain.   "[get the] Diamond-Cure" - getting paid.   "Easier to mend Celene." - an impossible task.   “Eveningfeast”- the formal term for dinner, also known or pronounced as “eveningfest” or shortened to "evenfest."   “Fair Folk, the” – a general term for elves.   “Fair unbearded”- dwarven term for someone/something that is reckless or dangerous.   “Glim” - beautiful in an eye-catching way; flashy.   "Glimmer"- coins, typically silver and above.   "Glub"- of little [monetary] value.   "Highsun"- noon, midday.   "Jakes"-a term for an outhouse or privy.   "Kingspeak" - the common tongue of Wyeth (and, by proxy, the rest of the world).   "Krytuss' rot" - a curse.   “Lackcoin”-a poor person; used to denote long-lasting poverty rather than a temporary lack of funds.   "Lackwit"- a dull or witless person.   "Mageling"-a condescending or descriptive term for a junior, inexperienced or relatively weak mage.   "[having] Metal enough" - street cred.   "Ogurkh"- dwarven word referring to something unbelievable, insane, monumentally stupid, or the result of crazed, dunderheaded, or hard to believe actions.   "Ore"-term implying someone of lowest rank, or something of worst quality, or that is unrefined, filthy or criminal.   "Painquench"- magic, ointments or other healing that removes or reduces pain.   "Ride, a" - one week.   “Sakros!” - an exclaimation of astonishment, both good and bad.   "Sand!" The Varuumae equivalent of "bullshit."   "Sharper than a Varuumite's tongue." - a very sharp edge.   "Skald" - a bard or other poet or storyteller.   "The sea makes men. The Spectral makes ghosts." -on the dangers of the Spectral Sea.   "Stars"- fate.   "Swinger" - a mercenary.   “Take the Tour”- to wander and/or adventure.   "Tallglass"- a drinking-vessel made of blown glass looking something like a slightly larger champagne flute.   "Trick, the"- a powerful narcotic drug known for its high mortality rate.   "Varuumite" - a person from Varuum.   “Ward” - a field of guarding magic.   "Waymoot" - a crossroads.   "Wyethian" - of Wyeth. People, places, things, ideas.   “Zelzing!” - an oath used triumphantly to mark a blow struck, or battle joined, or a foe struck down.
Common Male Names
The common prefix title for lords or knights in the south (equivalent to "sir") is "Mita." For example a knight named Alafor would be called Mita Alafor.

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