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"Gateway to the East..."

The most well known port city in the east, Charport sits just south of Lentokk, with Varistane only a hundred miles to the east.   Though not controlled by the Lentokki, the port is technically a holding of Lentokk. The god kings, however, have allowed the city rulers (a small council of merchants) to continue their self-rule, as long as they don't interfere with Lentokki plans.   It is common to see Lentokki soldiers, or even knights of the dreaded Green Flames, roaming the streets, so it's not fair to say the city is perfectly safe for enemies of Lentokk.   Charport is the center of trade for Lentokk, as well as Varistane. Goods headed for Glointhal, though technically legal, are often intercepted by enemy agents.   Visitors unaccustomed to life in the east may find the city to be inhospitable or downright hostile, as many nefarious thieves and murderers walk its docks and back alleys. One would do well to not display overt signs of wealth, unless they're prepared to defend it.   Charport also sits within miles of the opening to the Caruma River. Thus, travelers from abroad, headed to Varistane, typically begin their journey from Charport (once they've crossed the World Sea).  



A plutocracy run by the richest of the merchant princes of the east. They rule from a large keep at the center of town, called Blackstone.


Charport has been granted a small garrison of soldiers from Lentokk to aid in the city's defense.


Charport is a major trade hub, for both imports and exports.
Charport Alley
Alternative Name(s)
The Blackened Bay

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