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Campaign Overview & Story

"A short summary of the campaign and world of Gothenya..."


The campaign known as "Invaders of The Holy Mountain" is set in the world of Terra Gothenya. It begins in the former boom town of Bramble, a place which has fallen on hard times since its early days of prosperity during "The Great Pilgrimage" to Mount Celene, the Holy Mountain. Bramble popped up as a supply town and rest stop for the various priests and followers making their way to pay homage to the "kingdom of the gods." At least, that was the case until The Sundering.   After the huge battle that disrupted and violated the very home of the gods, the Great Pilgrimage ended, and Celene was rarely visited since. Many boom towns collapsed in the reckoning, but Bramble simply held on. It became known as a haven for the unwanted, those with nowhere left to go. Amongst these was a bizarre old toymaker named Krimko. Krimko dabbled, it seemed, in magical devices and toys, artifacts and treasures. He defied that great purge that wrested most of the magical community from Hariel Majour, sending them south or even across the World Sea. He set up shop, and from within his tiny operation, he began collecting...   Items, rare or unique. Supposedly magical and possibly cursed. These are what Krimko was after. But not just any items of this calibre, rather those specifically said to have been taken from Celene herself during the Sundering. Some stolen by blood mages and other unscrupulous plunderers, some merely lost in the madness that ensued. To this end, Krimko set about hiring a band of adventurers to be his "scavengers," his collectors. These are the Player Characters in the campaign.   Initially, Krimko was a bit cagey about his intentions for the items, or even why he sought to collect as many of them as he could. However, after the party retrieved and delivered the cursed Amulet of Saitos, Krimko came clean to them about his greater scheme. It seems some of the stories surrounding the old mage were more than just rumors. He indeed served, for a time, as a member of the Boorka, the feared conclave of mages operating out of the wizard city of Sage, in Hariel Minuta. There he was a "Librarian," a keeper of the great and secret mysteries surrounding all life on Gothenya. His duties included the study and cataloging of all items, both unique and magical, that happened to have fallen into the Boorka's hands.   Something, however, made him question the motives of his masters. Something so great, that he could not simply stand by without comment or action. So Krimko did the one thing that no Boorka ever does... he fled. His self-induced exile brought him north, to Hariel Majour, to the one town where those on the run may seek solace. Bramble.   Krimko explained to his party of collectors their true purpose: to secure as many items lost from Celene as possible, before they can be retrieved by The Boorka. Krimko, it seems, is continuing his work, attempting to ascertain the purpose and function of the magical items. He's trying to understand the curse placed on so many of them, and what that curse means for all Gothenkind.   And so, the PC party of collectors go about their missions for Krimko, facing great adversity to acquire lost and stolen magic treasures for the reformed former Boorka. They are his agents in the field. Their work is secret. None must know what they are up to. This is their burden to carry, through adventure after adventure, trial by trial. With all hope, they will survive long enough to understand the truth behind the magic of the great spire known as Celene, the Holy Mountain.  

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Campaign Overview

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