Golarion The Skinsaw Cult in Magnimar

The Skinsaw Cult in Magnimar

Criminal Activity


The Saviors of Sandpoint traveled to Magnimar to search for clues in the townhouse of Aldern Foxglove and find out who else was connected to the killings.    Upon arriving in Magnimar, they learned that there had been similarly styled killings going on in the city as well. Clues led them to a sawmill, which turned out to be the headquarters of a death cult to Norgorber, aka Father Skinsaw. The cult was led by Justice Ironbriar, a well-respected member of the community.    But he was not the true mastermind behind the ritual killings. That belonged to Xanesha , a powerful lamia who had enthralled Ironbriar and used his cult to cultivate souls. Why she wanted this was as yet unknown. The Saviors of Sandpoint confronted her and managed to drive her out of Magnimar, never to return.

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