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Ugmar’s Magical Blades and Bones

Ugmar’s Magical Blades and Bones was a magic shop in Iadara, the capital city of Kyonin.   Originally a weapons shop named "Ugmar's Magical Blades", the owner Ugmar often took magical items in trade to help customers offset the cost of the weapons both manufactured and purchased from him. He would then resell those items in his shop. It was often commented to him that he was "picking the bones" of his clients to get every last coin out of them. It was in his own dark sense of humor, coupled with the unique entryway, that he changed the name of his business to "Ugmar's Magical Blades and Bones".   The shop is a single storey wooden-walled building, with a red tile roof and a tiled mosaic floor. The tiles on the roof overlap in an angular fashion, giving it a scaled look. The tiles on the floor are patterned into artistic runes. They appear arcane, but are simply decorative. If they have any true meaning, Ugmar has never told anyone their significance. It is brightly lit by magical candles and chandeliers. The area outside the front door is equally unique in that it is a solid stone pad with exquisitely detailed designs etched in it. It also bears the skulls of several creatures - some humanoid, some not. At a glance these skulls look like part of the overall design. But upon closer investigation, the skulls are real. Between the skulls at the opening and the red scaled roof, many have given the shop the nickname "The Dragon's Den".   The shopkeeper is a gruff male Elf named Ugmar. He has employees that look exactly like him, right down to the facial scar and missing eye.


  1. Battleaxe (+4 weapon, Dancing) (128310 gp) - This distinctive weapon was taken from the Prison of Gastila.
  2. Bolas (+2 weapon, Frost) (18305 GP)
  3. Composite Longbow (+4 Str bonus) (+1 weapon, Icy Burst) (sheds light) (18800 GP) - This ornate weapon was taken from the tomb of the vampire Gilduba.
  4. Dagger (+1 weapon, Cunning) (8302 GP) - This ornate weapon is said to have been created to slay the Behemoth of the Cursed Lands.
  5. Dart (+1 weapon, Called) (8300 gp 5 sp)
  6. Falchion (+2 weapon, Icy Burst) (32375 GP)
  7. Glaive (+2 weapon) (8308 GP) - Every strike by this weapon is accompanied by a spray of phantasmal blood.
  8. Light Hammer (+1 weapon) (sheds light) (2301 GP) - This finely crafted weapon once belonged to the legendary warrior Gerey, who fell in the Battle of Bobba Bluff.
  9. Longsword (+1 weapon, Ominous, Shock) (sheds light) (18315 GP)
  10. Polarity Hammer (12310 GP) - Foes slain by this weapon fade and vanish without a trace.
  11. Shortsword (+1 weapon) (inscription provides clue to function) (2310 GP) - An ornate weapon, engraved with runes of power.
  12. Chain Shirt (+1 armor) (1250 GP) - A masterwork armor, painted with an unknown coat of arms.
  13. Dragoncatch Guisarme (13308 gp) (design provides clue to function)
  14. Ioun Stone (pale green prism) (30000 GP)
  15. Potion of Good Hope (cr, 750 GP)
  16. Potion of Hide from Animals (cr, 50 GP)
  17. Potion of Jump (cr, 50 GP)
  18. Potion of Jump (cr, 50 GP)
  19. Potion of Reduce Person (cr, 50 GP)
  20. Potion of Sanctuary (cr, 50 GP)
  21. Ring of Blinking (27000 gp) (design provides clue to function)
  22. Rod of Lordly Might (70000 GP)
  23. Rod of Normal Quicken Metamagic (75500 GP)
  24. Scabbard of Keen Edges (16000 GP) - This masterwork item was created by the half-orc artificer Lanka.
  25. Scroll of Sift (apg, 12 gp 5 sp)
  26. Scroll of Unseen Servant (cr, 25 GP)
  27. Sparkwake Starknife (21324 gp) (sheds light) - A finely crafted weapon, wrapped in fine steel wire.
  28. Staff of Performance (48800 GP) - This hazel staff was taken from the hoard of the dragon Ingidid.
  29. Wand of See Invisibility (cr, 4500 gp)
Alternative Names
The Dragon's Den
Shop, Magic
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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