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Session 4 - Dinner and Glass

General Summary

  • The party met with Shalelu at the Rusty Dragon. She shared knowledge about the local goblin clans and some of their "heroes."
  • Ottman Jalstin and his wife Kaylee stopped in to apologize for what had happened at the White Deer inn the other day. The Priest of Abadar was glad to see they were well and wished them luck. Ottman and Kaylee were leaving within the hour aboard a boat back to Magnimar. Ottman had bruises on his face that he was trying to conceal, and when Grog took him aside to question him on it he gave a less than a sincere excuse.
  • Jayvielle asked Shalelu to take a look at the tracks back at the vault. He wanted to see if she could track them, or give insight on what might have made them. After examining them, she concluded that the medium-sized humanoid was trained in stealth, and made the prints instinctively rather than consciously trying to hide them. Shalelu then wished them luck and left Sandpoint.
  • The next morning, Bethana Corwin told the party that Ameiko was missing. She revealed a note that Bethana found in her room. It was from Ameiko's brother Tsuto Kaijitsu. They had an estranged relationship, and Tsuto asked her to come to the Glasswork factory to talk about their father. She never returned.
  • The party broke into the Glasswork factory. They found Lonjiku Kaijitsu, dead and encased in glass that had been poured over his body. The party then had to deal with ten goblins. They fought them off, taking a bomb-throwing goblin as a prisoner for questioning.

Rewards Granted

  • (leather armor, light wooden shield, short sword, short bow with 20 arrows, 2gp, 5sp) x9
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
02 Nov 2020