Session 2 - Goblin Attacks

General Summary

  • Having just dispatched a group of attacking goblins outside the Sandpoint Cathedral, the party noticed that a goblin warchanter and a handful of goblins were about to set fire to a nearby wagon filled with fireworks.
  • After dispatching the goblins, a scream was heard from somewhere north of the courtyard.
  • The party passed by the White Deer inn. The owner, Garridan Viskalai stood outside the entryway and smashed approaching goblins with his earthbreaker. A goblin managed to climb onto the roof but was struck and knocked off the roof by a masked man who gave the party a nod before ducking back behind the building.
  • Moving onto the north gate, the party found the nobleman Aldern Foxglove hiding behind a barrel while a goblin commando and his goblin dog killed Aldern's hunting hound. The party killed the commando and his goblin cronies. Aldern thanked them for helping him, expressing how impressed he was with Kilgore's brutality. He also recognized the Deverin emblem on Jayvielle's ring and told him how much he respected the Deverin family in Magnimar. Aldern told the party that he was staying at the Rusty Dragon and before he left he would show them his appreciation for saving his life.
  • On their way back to the Rusty Dragon, the party ran into Sheriff Hemlock. He gave Kilgore a healing potion and thanked them for their work. He told them that the goblins had been routed and suggested they head back to the Rusty Dragon to recover.
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu greeted them at the Rusty Dragon. Truett channeled holy energy and healed all the injured people who had gathered at the inn. Ameiko had heard what they had done and gave them all free rooms for the week to show her appreciation.

Rewards Granted

  • Looted a masterwork horsechopper, a short bow, two dogslicers for selling.
  • Potion of rage & a potion of cure light wounds.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
14 Oct 2020
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