Session 12 - Beneath Thistletop

General Summary

  • The goblins who appeared to have been waiting for the Saviors of Sandpoint made their move. Using two of the wives of Warchief Ripnugget as shields, Bruthazmus let the others protect him while he fled.
  • The party fought their way through the goblins but lost the elusive bugbear in the halls of the catacombs.
  • They reconvened and began discussing strategy. Kumiko noticed one of the doors in the room were open, and there was an eye looking out at them.
  • The party confronted the spectator, who was revealed to be a human bodyguard for Nualia named Orik Vancaskerkin. Orik had been hired in Magnimar but since Nualia never left Thistletop, he had grown bored. He also wasn't a fan of her plan for Sandpoint, but he hoped she'd complete her plans so he could get paid and leave her far behind. Orik was allowed to gather his things and leave. He was given the choice to take the female wizard they had apprehended with him, but Orik opted against it. The wizard, Lyrie, seemed a bit of not right in the head and he didn't want to carry that headache with him.
  • Feeling that the options were few, the Saviors of Sandpoint descended deeper into the catacombs to face Nualia.
  • Upon reaching the second level, they were promptly ambushed by Bruthazmus. They dispatched him and were forced to bypass a nasty hallway trap. Kilgor kicked down a stone door and came face to face with Nualia herself, along with her pet yeth hound.
  • After an inspiring speech about her Mother's love, Nualia lashed out at the party. Her aura of cowardice made the heroes susceptible to the yeth hound's baying, sending most of the party fleeing into the darkness. Only Jayvielle and Kumiko were able to resist.
  • A few members fled south. Grog, who was able to see in the dark, quickly navigated his way into a domed room and triggered the attention of a pack of Shadows, who immediately began sapping his strength. Truett and Gallious, unable to see in the dark. stumbled a few times before being attacked themselves.
  • Jayvielle and Nualia clashed blades, while Kumiko used her magical candy cane to fire magic missiles at the disciple of Lamashtu. The yeth hound took to the air and landed in front of Kumiko. Things looked grim.
  • Kumiko used a hypnosis hex on the yeth hound, and the hound became fascinated with her. Unable to attack, it simply stood in place.
  • The shadows continued their attack, draining Gallious, Grog, Truett, and Kumiko. One split off to attack Kumiko while the other two surrounded Truett. Still panicked, all they could do was cower in fear.
  • Finally the fear wore off and the SoS was able to rally. Truett used his channels to burn down the shadows, along with Grog's earth blasts. Jayvielle, gravely injured, tried to hold off Nualia until the others could return. Kilgor barreled into Nualia, cut her arm off, and killed her. The shadows were dispensed, leaving only the yeth hound. By the time the creature was able to shake the hypnosis effect, it was too late.
  • Drained of strength, spells, and blood, the Saviors of Sandpoint stood victorious.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
18 Jan 2021