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Echo's Mystical Oddities

The shop is a three-story tower of conjured stone, with a reinforced wooden door and a smooth stone floor. The air is filled with floating motes of light. Sound of softly played pan flute (Echo’s former instrument of choice). There are a few rows of shelves with long fish tanks beneath them. There are holes in the shelves. Julius, a platypus, will swim beneath the shelves and retrieve potions or wands. Once retrieved, he always seems hesitant to release them. He can use both should the situation call for it.   As cute as the platypus is, Julius also knows a bad deal when he hears it. He has been known to whimper at bad deals or fling small items when he hears offensive offers.  Echo always has Julius around when it comes time to haggle.

Purpose / Function

Echo's shop tends to be a central hub for exotic items and "information." Not everything for sale is on the shelves, though. Echo also deals Arcaine from the shop, but that is a specific ask and not something sold on the shelves.


Every time on sale is cursed. That curse is removed upon purchase of the item.
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