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Church of the First

The Church of the First devotes itself to the worship of Atragona, Mother of All. She is the First, and it is from Her that all others are born - Gods and Devils alike. All faiths are born of Her faith. All blood is born of Her blood.


  • The Voice of the First is the high priest of the faith. They are the ones who speak to the Dark Lady directly.
  • The Hand of the First is the protector of the faith. They can commune with the Dark Lady, but this often comes through visions.

Cosmological Views

In the beginning, there was The First. She emerged from the infinite darkness and gave life to all else. From Her came the Dragons, then the Gods. She promoted ambition for all Her children to be their best. Some felt their ambition was to be the most powerful and to show their power, they tried to kill the First. But all they could do was imprison Her, locking Her away to be forgotten.

Tenets of Faith

  • Pursue Your Goals. The first and most central tenet instructs followers to define and make a plan to achieve their goals. The size and scope of the goal matter little as long as people work to reach them.
  • Climb to the Top. Whatever goals a person pursues, they should always seek to be the best. This is sometimes interpreted to be better than anyone else and sometimes interpreted as achieving a personal best, but in both instances, seeking to rise to the top is encouraged.
  • Guard What You Have. To continue making progress, it is imperative not to lose ground. In pursuing ambition, keeping a close guard over resources, connections, and other valuables is vital; these things can be used to reach future goals and should be kept for such occasions.


The Voice of the First must select those who wish to become Gilded Priests of the First. The faith is new to Golarion, and as such, there are very few that the Voice has deemed worthy of the honour.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Through the promotion of ambition, which is reflected in wealth for many, the Church of the First tends to have the backing and support of many wealthy and powerful patrons. They count nobles, dukes, and even a king or two (none that will openly admit it though) among their faithful.  

The Gilded Blades

This small, secretive, and insular sect is more of a rumour than anything real to most people. However, for the people that always find the road to their ambitions is blocked, the Gilded Blades can provide a way to remove the hurdle. This group will, for the right price, grease palms, sow chaos, misdirect, and even assassinate people - all in the name of helping a paying client achieve their goals.
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