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Welcome to Gods in Space

To the Space and the Stars - The World

In Gods in Space one can expect to come across almost everything: Alien species with scales or fur for skin, four-armed people, two-headed or three-headed people; and a few mythological creatures like the manticore, chimeras, dragons and even the ocasional vampire.

However, it's not only creatures that have resurrected from the tales of past time, the gods have also. You never really know if you are talking with an average human with augmented strength and a knack for clubs, or the famous son of Zeus, Herakles.

With that in mind, players should be on the look out for all kinds of adventure. Slaying a dragon, fantasy style. Exposing the corrupt corporation that has enslaved the miner planet that was once your home planet, sci-fi style. Or maybe, killing a dragon employed by a corporation in a miner planet, science fantasy style. All is possible, in Gods in Space.

Fun Sundays, Fundays - The Game

The game is set in such a fictional time that time is an illusion. If it would be 100, 1000 or 10000 years from now, it matters not. What we are here for is playing with weird aliens and humans with advanced technology we don't understand and possible kill some mythical creatures - and even a god or two.

We will be using SWADE rules. You won't need the book, as your GM (me) can possibly explain the most important points such as: how to create your character and if you, in fact, did hit. You might want to have a look during character creation, though, because that can accelerate the whole process. Also, don't worry about money, we will use the optional rule of Wealth as a stat.

House Rules

  • You don't need to attach yourself to the descriptions. If the mechanics fit, you can play as a ratman for a half-folk, or a humanoid jellyfish for an aquan.
  • We will not be using numbers and specific money values for itens and stuff. Instead we are going to use the Wealth rules, available on p. 145 from the SWADE rulebook.
  • What you need?

  • Suspension of disbelief.
  • A microphone and speakers (or headphone).
  • Discord access attached to that mic.
  • Brush up on the rules of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition - SWADE.
  • To be able to speak and understand spoken English.
  • What you don't need?

  • To know mythology!
  • To know science fiction!
  • To know SCIENCE.
  • A bad attitude (we discourage the acquisition of such things)
  • Dice! (Weird, right?)
  • To have the books or know all the rules of SWADE.
  • Were the gods astronauts?

    No, they were gods.

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