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The Three Arrows

Safe houses are nearly impossible to identify just by looking at them. Their inconspicuous exterior allow them to more effectively smuggle escaping slaves, known as Juweles, out of the Sea Prince Nations and back to Keoland. These buildings are also to recruit new members, and coordinate logistics between different conductors within the Undercurrent.   Located in Varlota, The Three Arrows is one of the more heavily used safe houses in Brezže. The building is two and a half stories tall. Besides the ornate etching of a Pansy on the entrance, the Three Arrows does little to distinguish itself from its more reputable neighbors.   At the top of the building is a small half-attic where a member of the undercurrent keeps a close lookout for approaching members of the town guard. When a guard approached the building, the watcher would use send a message, either via spell or sending stone, to let the bartended know to expect company. The bartender, in turn, would use prestidigitation to turn the candle flames teal, giving the undercurrent members a few precious minute to leave the building through various hidden tunnels. Despite their best efforts, members of the Brezže Guard have been unable to capture any high ranking members of the under current.   To join an undercurrent meeting, informed patrons needed to do two things: (1) Fold their napkin under their glass into a triangle and place it with the tip of the triangle pointing towards the wall. (2) Ask the bartender "Are your clams fresh?". They are then lead to the Clark Gable room, a small reading room with two red armchairs, a beige couch, and an unlit fireplace. Twisting a decorative title in the mantle will lift the bottom of the fireplace, revealing a small tunnel with a long ladder descending down to a large, musty cavern with sparse but functional furniture.   When a Conductor visits the tavern, they are always seated directly west of the south end of the bar. This provides them a clear view of both the front and rear entrances to the building. There is an access hutch to the narrow tunnels behind the long end of the bar that leads underneath the street to an adjacent building.   In addition to hosting secret meetings, sympathetic members of the town guard will come here for bribes. During the bribe exchange off-duty guards will approach the bar and ask "Is Aniela working tonight?". One of the servers will direct them towards the back room bathroom area. A staff member slips the bribe into a small hidden compartment in the wall that can be accessed via the bathroom side by twisting a lever by the sink.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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