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Salia Aradia's House

The first Undercurrent headquarters started Salia Aradia's cellar. When the undercurrent was in its infancy, Salia Aradia started the first safe house along the current. In addition to providing shelter and supplies, she worked with Undercurrent Captains to coordinate future stops, and escapes for Juweles in the Sea Prince Principalities.  

Undercurrent Records

Salia keeps the undercurrent records and codes in a hidden compartment her desk. Important notes are written in Ottendorf cipher She makes sure to hand off significant pieces of information to protect the organization in the unlikely event that her house would be compromised. She entrusts the most sensitive of materials to Barbarosa Sparklebeard, who ensures that the information is safely disseminated to other undercurrent leaders.

Purpose / Function

People come to Salia Aradia's house for different reasons. Members of the community come to purchase fresh produce, herbs, and berbal remedies. Because her house is located just outside the outskirts of town, she has more room to grow a wide variety of plants. Most purchases are also accompanied with an herbal tea and warm wishes.   Come nightfall, a different group of people visit the house. Undercurrent Captains¬†and escaping Juweles come here for safety, shelter, and supplies. Early in the organizations history, she hosted many evening visitors and helped them escape in the morning dawn. As the movement's grown, so has her role in the operation. Her house now serves as the first stop leading an underground tunnel.


After a while, some of the slave catchers started to investigate the town for undercurrent activity, and juweles were rerouted. During this time Salia started doing household repairs, including expanding her shed and reinforcing the well. While the repairs were actually happening, most of the energy was spent digging the first underground undercurrent tunnel. The tunnel entrance is hidden under a rug by Salia's canning equipment.  
Oh I am so sorry! I didn't hear you knock, Nisiar! Sometimes I just get so lost in canning that I lose track of everything else, including my own train of though. How can I help? Has your mother's arthritis improved?
— Salia Araida to a town guard, moments after locking the hatch
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