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A Slave's Tale

A Slaves Tale was written by Taelish Pembleton, one of the first slaves freed by the undercurrent. She made two different attempts to escape; the first was unsuccessful. The second lead her to Salia Aradia, the first conductor of the Undercurrent, who was able to smuggler her out of the Sea Prince Nations and back to Keoland.   Publishing under the alias Dawn Blooms, she wrote about her experiences at The Bloody Islands. In the book she described the voyage in acute detail. She also directly addressed the women in the Sea Prince Nation who fail to comprehend the evils of human ownership, appealing to their role as mothers and caretakers.   The document was passed around to several prominent political figures in Keoland, but because the practice was already outlawed and abolished, there was little action taken. King Scotti's reluctance to enter yet another war with the Sea Princes allowed the members of the Slave Trade to continue preying and kidnapping Keoland citizens and sell them for profit.   Barbarosa Sparklebeard smuggled a signed copy of the book to Aradia, who used the book to recruit sympathetic individuals to the undercurrent. She took the letter to several town hall meetings, petitioning for the outlawing of slave ownership, going as far as to read an excerpt while standing on [tooltip]A renowned leader across the Sea Prince Nations responsible for ending the selling and buying of slaves but preserving slave ownership[/tooltip] Svelha Svoboda's Monument in the center of the town.   This drew the attention of the authorities on her and she was forced to temporarily suspend her involvement in the undercurrent. During this period she focused her efforts on supporting the pamphlet's distribution throughout the Sea Prince Nations and raising funds future undercurrent operations. These funds allowed for the additions in Salia Aradia's House that allowed her to continue helping Juweles return home.


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