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Olivia de Souza (/ oli:via de susa /)

Ολιφια ντε Σουσα

Captain Olivia Cristina de Souza Garza (a.k.a. Olivia de Souza)

Olivia de Souza is the middle of the three daughters of infamous "Admiral" Osvaldo de Souza. She is also a successful pirate in her own right, commanding a large chunk of the de Souza fleet as well as one of its infamous Dragonships. Olivia is perhaps the least concerned with looting the high seas however, and while she still rakes in respectable profits for the Black Fleet, she is just as often responsible for exploring on the Fleet's, or her own, behalf. She has successfully charted all of the major islands of Leandris and helped establish many of the Fleet's bases, though her her long term goal is prove her theory that there is another landmass beyond the Great Stormy Ocean.

Physical Description

Body Features

Olivia is a tall, lean woman, having the slim figure her mother is known to have had paired with the relative height of her father. She stands one and eight tenths meters in height, and weighs fifty eight kilograms. She is less athletic than other members of her family but is understood to be in relatively good shape. She is generally a physically active person, working around her ship doing all but the hardest tasks when at sea. She seems less regal when compared to her father and older sister, cutting a more unassuming figure.

Facial Features

Olivia de Souza has a relatively thin , somewhat diamond shaped face. She has relatively simple facial features with a small, somewhat sharp nose, a small mouth with slightly thin lips. Her eyes are dark brown, somewhat deeply set, and are deeply expressive, showing any emotion that she might have at the moment. She keeps her brown-black hair neat, and prefers to keep it at shoulder length or shorter, wearing it up if she has not recently had a chance to cut her hair. Olivia generally takes good care of herself, and is often seen as reasonably attractive.

Apparel & Accessories

Olivia de Souza is perhaps the most pragamatic dresser of her family, favoring simple plain clothing well suited to the life of adventure she leads. She is generally fond of wearing light clothing, especially when exploring around Felora, and frequently takes up the more simple Feloran styles. Olivia loves the color green and whenever she can access clothing of that color she obtains it as quickly as she can, and the overwhelming majority of her wardrobe includes at least a little bit of the color in it. When going into battle Olivia tends to be less protected than other members of her family, with her main piece of armor being a mail byrnie that she captured from an Orcish pirate who had the misfortune of trying to jump her claim.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Feminine: She/Her


Olivia de Souza lacked a formal education, as her father had to flee Gallaca shortly after the birth of her younger sister. Osvaldo to his credit tried to educate all of his daughters to the best of his ability, and ensured that she had at least a basic education in sailing, and was literate. Olivia became fascinated with sailing and navigation, and pursued further education in those fields when she had the opportunity, and became a high skilled navigator in own right, as well as picking up cartography. Olivia has picked up a basic education and magic, and even displayed a capability to cast a few cantrips a feat her older, often more venerated, sister never accomplished, she is not any any sense a proper spellcaster however.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Olivia de Souza has had a brief but successful career as captain of the Dragón Bronceado as well as part of the Black Fleet. She has seized many cargo ships, preferring greatly the sealanes between Qua'adar and Eastern Felora. She has even fought the Leandris Company on occassion, and won, though Olivia is far less willing to engage stronger opponents than Ophelia. When given a chance to pursue her actual passions, Olivia has proven a capable explorer, fully charting all of the Leandroi islands, a feat made difficult by the dangerous terrain on most of the islands, and helping to found a number of critical fleet outposts on them. She has also charted the dangerous waters of the Turgen Archipelago, being the first Galisean person to do so.

Failures & Embarrassments

Olivia de Souza's greatest failures stem from her great curiosity, she has imperiled a number of ships during exploratory missions, and accidently lost the Espíritu de Venganza, the Isabel Bella, and the Lanternio in various exploratory missions. The loss of men and materiel in these expeditions has cost the Black Fleet a lot of money, and a directive from Osvaldo has prevented Olivia from using her Dragonship to explore in order to prevent it from being lost in some expedition to dangerous and uncharted waters. Further, although many wouldn't consider this to be a great failure, Olivia herself feels deeply embarrassed that despite her talents and learning she has never been able to cast more than basic cantrips.

Intellectual Characteristics

Olivia de Souza is boistrous loud, and surprisingly friendly for a pirate, though she is definitely outdone in these respects by both her father and her younger sister. She is an intellectual, with great curiosity and a rapacious drive for more knowledge. Many believe her to be somewhat annoying as she is more than willing to talk other's ears off about her own intellectual interests and pursuits. Olivia loves to take to the sea, and has become an able sailor, something which she uses to explore dangerous areas in the name of the Black Fleet.

Personality Characteristics


Olivia de Souza is first and foremost an explorer, loving to plunge headfirst into the unknown, explore strange new lands and go where none of her peers have gone before. She has developed a hypothesis that there is in fact another continental landmass on the other side of the Great Stormy Ocean in the west, and is driven to one day take a fleet of ships with her to prove that claim. In service of this long term goal, she has become a skilled pirate capturing a great many ships, and saving whatever profits she can to purchase her own exploratory fleet. On a smaller scale, she is an adventurous pirate pillaging routes that her sisters don't trade.


Olivia de Souza is less of a careful groomer than most of her family. Though she does put in effort to take care of herself, she doesn't engage in quite as elaborate daily rituals, preferring to do only what is necessary to stay healthy and relatively clean. As a result she seems relatively plain, but is generally much cleaner than many of the crewmen on her ships. Olivia does keep supplies for when she needs to "clean up" to a great degree on the ship however, in the event she makes first contact with a group and needs to present her best.


Family Ties

Olivia de Souza maintains strong familial ties with her immediate family, her two sisters and her father. Outside of immediate family she has made somewhat frequent contact with members of her maternal family. Indeed she maintains closer connections with them than anybody else in her family, thanks to her seemingly more interested in exploration than in dangerous and illegal piracy. She has struggled to reach out to extended family on her father's side as they are few and fare between with most having died previously.

Religious Views

Olivia de Souza is not especially religious, but does share significantly greater devotion than any other member of her family. She professes membership in the Pandroi faith, and does regularly attend religious ceremonies when possible, but does not actively go out of her way to participate in the community. She has sworn herself to Maretal and does make regular sacrifices to him, largely to keep her ships safe, but her status as a lay practitioner means that devotion to him specifically is mostly symbolic. She is largely seen as an average member of the Pandroi faithful to learned people who know here.

Wealth & Financial state

Olivia de Souza is relatively wealthy, sharing her fair share of the wealth of the Black Fleet. She is worth roughly eighty thousand gold coins, or perhaps a little more. She has a respectable amount of material wealth including a fairly sizable wardrobe, enough clothing to not wear the same outfit twice in a row, and high quality equipment. She prefers simpler things than many members of her family and holds most of her wealth, saving for the opportunity to fund an expedition to the far west. Olivia maintains a fairly large home in Leandris in one of the Black Fleet's holdings, but her first love is the sea, and she spends most of her time travelling.
Date of Birth
15 Kataigída AS 2222
Year of Birth
2222 26 Years old
Torrejoven, Gallaca
Dark Brown, emotional
Straight, warm black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive toned, slightly worn
Pandroi, Maretal
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Gallega, Feloran Draconic, Lanternian, Dotharic, Aeillan

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