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Osvaldo de Souza (/osvaldo de susa/)

Οσφαλντο ντε Σουσα

Admiral Osvaldo Renaldo de Souza Reyes (a.k.a. Admiral de Souza)

Osvaldo Renaldo de Souza Reyes, also known as Admiral de Souza is an infamous pirate who has come to become the head of the Black Fleet after a long career. Osvaldo de Souza has retired from his role in active piracy, focusing instead on maintaining and leading the wider fleet organization he has built up. Throughout his time as a pirate and in the time since his retirement he has built up a massive amount of physical wealth, and one of the largest private fleets in the known world and is currently one of the wealthiest men in Leandris.

Physical Description

Body Features

Admiral de Souza has an above average height standing one and eight tenths meters tall. He possesses a surprisingly athletic physique for an older man, particularly one who no longer goes on campaign, weighing a lean eighty one kilograms. He has actively continued training with sword and bow, as well as sometimes taking to the sea on short journeys, keeping himself in reasonable shape. He has softened physically in his retirement however, being less statuesque and vital than he was in his youth. Despite this de Souza still cuts a fairly impressive figure, with a regal bearing.

Facial Features

Osvaldo de Souza is generally regarded as a handsome man, possessing striking features including a strong jaw and pronounced nose, and most notably with piercing light brown eyes. He has short greying black hair, and olive skin. He always takes care to maintain a well groomed goatee, and despite his age and battlefield experience possesses no major scars. He is believed to have made use of magic to augment his appearance somewhat, particularly always seeking out magical healing to prevent scarification.

Apparel & Accessories

Osvaldo de Souza is a very ostentatious dresser, frequently making use of fanciful vaguely military style garb, with fine metals and gemstones sewn into many of his outfits. His armor is similarly quite expensive, being a suit of heavily customized full plate armor. It is somewhat more pragmatic in design however with a focus on fine metallurgy and including many defensive upgrades that also appear aesthetically pleasing rather than incorporating functionless aesthetics to the armor. Admiral de Souza also wears incredibly fancy hats, often of Feloran design.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Masculine: He/Him




Osvaldo de Souza, as a member of the growing mercantile class in Gallaca, Osvald received a limited education, while he is literate, and was given ample seamanship training, de Souza has recieved not much formal scholarship beyond that. Rather he relies on his entourage which includes scholars, wizards, and other learned people to handle the finer points of management and diplomacy. Despite lacking a formal naval education, Osvaldo obtained extensive training on galleys in the Gallacan Royal Navy, and has become a skilled commander and sailor on account of his many years of experience both in the Navy, and as a Pirate.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Admiral de Souza's first major accomplishment of note was the seziure of the Kolonai Silente shortly into his career after leading the crew in a mutiny against the captain. After becoming the new captain of the renegade ship, de Souza's career as a pirate involves the capture of no less than sixty vessels, mostly Gallacan and Meridan merchant ships in the span of five short years and quickly becoming the Gallacan Royal Navy's most important objective. Though he was less successful as time went on, thanks in large part to encountering more military escorts, he survived several attempts to kill him by government forces, and managed to move away from Gallaca and towards the generally more lucrative seas around Leandris. After coming to the Tealestrian Sea he personally was involved with the capture of up to forty (though it is believed he is responsible for closer to thirty two) more ships before retiring. After his retirement he has become the most successful of the pirate lords, running the Black Fleet, and one of the wealthiest men on Leandris, surpassing even most of the high ranking Company Officials on the continent.

Failures & Embarrassments

Before the mutiny, de Souza is regarded on the records as being an unexceptional, or even lackluster junior officer in the Gallacan Navy, having spent nearly a decade in service with the fleet without performing any acts which would have made him captain of a vessel. Though hardly a strike against him by most standards, this failure of manliness is something that haunts him personally, and they he goes to great lengths to cover up. His greatest personal failure however, is the destruction of most of his fleet at the Battle of of the Horn where de Souza's pirate fleet was nearly destroyed by a Gallacan Naval flotilla commanded by Admiral Bonifacio de Ohuela. This defeat included the destruction of the Kolonai Silente. After coming to Leandris, de Souza's biggest failing was the loss of the first three dragonships at the hands of the Leandris Company in a surprise attack on the Black Fleet's first base.

Intellectual Characteristics

Admiral de Souza is an experienced and seasoned captain and commander, something he attributes to intelligence and talent, though it is likely a matter of experience gained throughout over thirty years on the sea. He is also a proud man, with a truly legendary ego, believing himself the greatest commander to have ever taken the to the high seas. Though this is somewhat backed up by his extensive victories against even superior foes, there are others with records greater than his. He is a deeply passionate man prone to laughter and to great and powerful fury, and though it has not been exhibited in many years, he has also been known to become deeply depressed as well, as exemplified by the near collapse of his naval career after the death of his wife. His quite avaricious as well, as exmplified by continuing to head the Black Fleet despite amassing vast sums of wealth. However, this avarice is not in evidence with his daughters, whom he is known to value above any amount of money, and favored with the best education money can purchase, and afforded the most opportunities one can find in the illicit world.

Personality Characteristics


Admiral de Souza is motivated by one of a few things. The first of these is his overwhelming greed, as he has concerned himself with amassing as much wealth and power for himself as possible, taking to piracy, and continuing to pillage ships, and engage in illicit activity in the name of profit. This is tempered somewhat by his sense of pride, which often, though not always expresses itself in a bizarre sense of honor and fair play when dealing with those whom the Black Fleet targets for attack. He is also motivated out of love for his daughters, making significant sacrifices to his profit making potential and his pride to ensure for them the best life possible, though his ego sometimes gets in the way of this, seeing his own way of life as superior to all others.


Osvaldo is a very careful groomer, as he considers it vitally important to ensure his image. As such he bathes quite regularly, especially for one living at the edge of the developed world. He also ensures his hair is trimmed constantly, and his beard is perpetually well groomed. He keeps expensive clothes, and pays handsomely to keep them clean despite again his limited access to the finer aspects of civilization. He often wears very expensive perfumes, as much a display of his great wealth as anything to do with hygine.


Family Ties

Admiral de Souza parents both died when Osvaldo was a young adult, and his extended family, by birth has cut ties with him since his turn to piracy. His wife Isabel de Souza Garza died while giving birth to his youngest daughter (who was named Isabel herself in honor of her late mother), and has since lost contact with his family in law, both on account of his piracy, and on account of blaming him for the death of Isabel the elder. As a result the only members of his family, that he can be said to have contact with are his three daughters.

Religious Views

Osvaldo de Souza practices the Pandroi faith and in particular was raised in the Gallaco-Meridan tradition. He is a fairly pious, if not especially virtuous man regularly making the required sacrifices and offering the required prayers and feasts, but not living a truly virtuous life. As he is a lay practitioner he has not formally sworn allegiance to any of the Pandroi gods, but is known to favor Maretal making more sacrifices to him than to other deities. As he has gotten older, Osvaldo has seemingly become less religious, having become more concerned with worldly affiars.

Wealth & Financial state

Osvald de Souza is one of the wealthiest men in Leandris, with assets in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of gold coin. His own personal clothing and equipment is of the finest make and often extensively customized at great expense. He also maintains several estates, primarily in Leandris, as well as a few smaller homes in southern Galisea, as well as personally owning an extensive fleet of ships, including the three dragon ships each of which have a very expensive, enchanted figurehead and are of custom construction.
True Neutral
Date of Birth
21st of Astrofengiá AS 2198
Year of Birth
2198 50 Years old
Torrejoven, Gallaca
Current Residence
Palacia Negra
Light Brown, Striking
Black, Greying
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Olive
Pandroi (Gallaco-Meridan Pantheistic)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Gallega

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Cover image: Tropical island coastline scenic image by Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Character Portrait image: Osvaldo de Souza by Javak


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